I do agree with all the past posts and would like to add some info.

Recepcionist asked how many nights we come for and when answering 2-3 he offered us without asking 100lps pn pp. (instead of 150lps pn pp).

Latino Campers came in 3 groups, 4 persons each on Saturday night after sunset to stay one night. They didn't play boom boom music and were rather ok to 'camp' with. If your neighbours do party stuff you can tell them not to and in my experience they do obey. Loud talking and calling each other you won't get out of their system. Only rain can take care of this.

Rain at 22:00 made them all move their tents under the palapa.

End of october it rained heavily all three nights around 21:00.

Water at campground was potable. We drank it.

Blog: mischling

Place: Cerro Azul-Meambar NP (Pancam lodge)

Visited: October 28th, 2019

Location: 14.87281, -87.90524


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