Guides for the caves are available at the various pousadas along the road. Some information on three of the caves: 1) Terra Ronca 1 & 2: Takes 5-7 hours to complete. 100 meter high mouth of cave TR1. A river runs through the caves. Ropes are provided to hold onto for river crossings. You'll get wet up to your waist. A gorgeous canyon connects TR1 to TR2, which has a huge room at the back full of beautiful formations. 2) São Bernardo is south of TR and the entrance is unmarked. 4 hour outing. Adventurous - with a river rushing through it. No ropes or handrails. We got wet up to our waists. Beautiful. 3) Angelica is dry and mostly flat. It's an hour drive north from TR cave. You can see the cave in about 2 hours.

Blog: Only the Wind Knows

Place: Terra Ronca State Park

Visited: May 9th, 2016

Location: -13.73433, -46.35690


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