Please stop here! We spent 4 days here in our truck camper with our 3 dogs. We didn’t have any problems. We didn’t see the prior review so we left our stuff out all night for 4 days. They have a night watchman and they lock the gate at night. The kids are told and DO stay away from the camper area. You are not obligated to interact with the children. You are left alone. We chose to spend our time with them and it was a wonderful experience. If you want to bring something with you pick up a soccer/futbol on the way. They go through quite a few of those. Lol
Full disclosure, the toilet was bucket flush and no toilet seat. The guard shack has a little nicer toilet that I am sure he will let you use. They are working on new bathrooms that hopefully will be done in a few months. The electricity worked great! WiFi is by the school. The water was touch and go. This place is a great layover to your next place or a few day stop. You can walk or tuk tuk to town. You can make donations online or grab some items in town. This place is a beautiful place despite the obvious need. This is a happy place.

Blog: southboundseahags

Place: Hogar Infantil

Visited: February 12th, 2019

Location: 16.77606, -93.38394


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