Arrived at sunset and the super friendly police guarding the gate let us in (even though the park was already closed) and showed us where we could camp. He even put his uniform back on. :) The parking spots are numbered and really only #2 was flat enough for us to sleep in our camper. Flush toilets and showers available. We wanted to go early to enjoy Semuc Champey and were told we needed a guide if we wanted to go in before it opened at 8. The guard got a guide for us and we met him at 6:30am, paid him 100q (maybe too much, but the experience was worth it!) to take us in until 8 when we could be on our own. 10q for overnight parking, 10q for day parking, and 50q pp entry fee.

Blog: true.dit

Place: Semuc Champey

Visited: September 5th, 2019

Location: 15.53627, -89.95542


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