This was a magical place! we came up here towards the end of the hottest day we expierenced in Oaxaca. We arrived at sunset and the city lights were bright off in the distance. We did the hike in the morning before the aun crested the mountains for our dogs sake. We went to hit the trail and one of the caretakers said he was coming with us as a tour guide. He spoke no English. He did the tour with us showed us different things along the way. We understood a little with our broken spanish. He showed us which plants and fruits you can eat along the way. It was an interesting tour dispite the lanuage barrier. his name was Gabriela but asked us to call him Victor. He didnt ask for any money but we gave him 50pesos each. We did learn a bit about the Zapoteca people! So worth the stop an hike. We could bring our dog as long as he was on a leash. They said snakes an spiders can be dangerous an live in the mountains. we only seen what looked to be a squirrel and a ton of baby lizards.

Blog: dreadscanada

Place: Zapotec Guiengola fortress (near Tehuantepec)

Visited: April 21st, 2019

Location: 16.38206, -95.30746


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