Very popular with the locals. Kinda a thematic park. 30p a person to enter park and 25p a person to camp. No charge for the dog. Camping is in the children's playground so the mornings are very noisy and a bit of a walk from the car. Beautiful spot with some awesome hikes to 5 waterfalls. But just k ow it is very popular with the locals. Who have no concept of personal camp space. When we set up at night we were the only ones but when we woke up we could barley exit our tent because there were so many other tent that were literally on top of us. We did see others camping by the river but the ground there is very hard and uneven so a pad is recommended

Blog: rosebudd89

Place: El Chiflon

Visited: March 21st, 2016

Location: 16.18694, -92.27588


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