One of our favorite natural campsites! This park is perfect for relaxing after long City tours/camping- clean,fresh air,the smell of pine needles and calm & safety nights; we stayed 11nights and payed 20Pesos/adult entrance fee and 80Pesos/night for the camping; at this time of the year the little lake was totally gone= dry but the rest of the park is perfect for camping like in a state/ provincial park; there are different restrooms with flush toilets and cold showers but there is one solar/hot shower near the zoo; yes they are lots of strays...but all of them are very friendly...if you like dogs consider to bring some dog food for them. They are so kind and grateful. This park is very well maintained!! We highly recommend this place!

Blog: yukonjack1898

Place: Parque Estatal El Ocotal

Visited: June 16th, 2019

Location: 19.81217, -99.75212


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