came in a 2wd Ford e150 with no problems although weather was clear and dry. we arrived at 10.30am and bought tickets for the day and parking. after a nice day in the park, they let us camp overnight and use the bathrooms, showers, and we cooked on the tables in their shelter. there are a decent police presence who are very friendly and this was extra reassuring for us because the guy who was working for semuc champey overnight seemed a bit drunk and dodgy. that said, nothing bad happened. we think he just wanted to sell us sneaky beers and/or drugs. we re-entered the park at 6am the next morning before anyone else arrived and had the place to ourselves for 2 hours which was wonderful! they didn't charge us to re-enter or to camp, although camping should have cost 10per vehicle I believe.

Blog: travellingredwoods

Place: Semuc Champey

Visited: April 2nd, 2019

Location: 15.53627, -89.95542


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