Pulled in late. Had checked out El Soccorito RV. Came here instead. It was dark and Daughter answered the door and called Papa. Told us to camp where ever. We were the only ones here. We pitched our tee-pees under a palapa. Fidel arrived. Very friendly guy who looks you right in the eye. He has been nothing but hospitable. He and his wife work hard to keep the place clean from all the locals that frequent the place. They work keeping the area maintained for the fisherman from what I saw.On my daily walks on the beach I have always returned with as much garbage as I can carry. The wind is a cruel mistress sometimes with trash. As a former commercial fisherman it was quite a pleasure to see the men launching Pangas these mornings as they ply their craft. Amenities. Toilets and Shower worked GRATE for us. The Wi-Fi works grate IMO. Obviously the farther away you go from the signal. well the worse it gets. I have used the showers. Was very hot. Have had no issues with water other than low flow. We have ventured into town a few times and have been greeted warmly everytime. Folks wave hello. There are wildflowers abound in the streets we have walked down. Fidels place is covered in Verbena and what seems to be a variety of Calendula. We paid 200 pesos a night. Used the electricity in the next palapa to charge devices. Have cooked in the fire pit quite often. The sanddollars on the beach are amazing. There are times when its a little busy round here as this is a well used beach..but they go home and its quiet again. I have loved staying here and have felt very welcome. Fidel keeps a sharp eye on the place. Some kids partied in here on Saturday night an left a mess. I had it picked up before he woke as he says hello every morning. We paid 200 pesos a night. We said our goodbyes and paid a little extra. I would not hesitate to support this mans family business again and hope it shall come to pass.

Blog: JohnnyGreenway2

Place: Fidel's El Pabellón RV-Park

Visited: April 15th, 2019

Location: 30.37043, -115.86360