Fantastic place! Everything has already been said. I managed (VERY SLOWLY) to drive in, in a 25' Class C towing a car. I would not advise it for a vehicle 28 ft and longer. I should have driven the car in seperate. It's only 3/4 of a mile in. But everything was ok. I drove very slow with mirrors in and made it no problem. Road in is not great but it's a jungle road. Take care at the gate. There are rocks and some cement sticking out that could damage. Just be aware. There are a couple sharp turns but was able to swing wide. And also a couple of squeezes that has the soft leaves of the jungle rubbing. Lots of space to choose sun or shade. No height problems once at the camp. The drive in and out was worth it for the time I was there. I will be stopping in again on my way back. Cost 80 pesos/per day.

Blog: laskawilliams

Place: La Jungla, Catemaco

Visited: March 14th, 2019

Location: 18.44528, -95.06737


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