Stayed the night, was a great spot and night lights of the town were beautiful. For a out of town area, extremely clean and no noise at night. Clean because it is owned by the city and they pick up the garbage and quiet as it is patrolled hourly by the local police.
We found out the restaurant is also owned by the city, ate they, as we do if planning to stay the night in the parking lot. Tried to order beer, but none to be had, seems their liquor license has expired and not sure when or if they will get a new one. Got our own beer. Ordered chevicie, was extreme disappointed ☹️, the small that I ordered was barely noticeable on the plate, I suggested to the waiter there should be more, but not according to him. Paid the bill, 140 MP for the small chevicie, which I always order and is usually 80-100 MP.....gave him 200 and he brought back change of 40! So I asked for the rest of my change and he seemed put out! I would recommend the restaurant.
Bathrooms were left open all night, very clean, brand new I was told, still no toilet seats though.


Place: El Balneario Chiquilá

Visited: January 19th, 2019

Location: 21.59583, -88.14618


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