This is a delightful RV campground that also has 3 large cabanas, which rent for $1200 per night for 4 people. RV sites are $350 for 2. Very friendly managers and the pool, washrooms, and grounds are all immaculate. The property fronts on the ocean, but there is no beach. There are (slippery) steps down to the mostly sandy bottom bay. Wear swim booties! Small fish swim all around you. Tomorrow we will snorkel! We walked out into the bay, but not far enough to get more than chest high in the water. They have caravans here in Jan/Feb/March, but there are only 3 RVs here now. They had a lot of damage from hurricane Juan Luis last year and are still rebuilding their restaurant palapa, bigger and better than before. When done, they will have events like weddings again. The grounds are so spacious that we can't imagine it being overcrowded.

Blog: Art and Jean

Place: Yax Ha Resort

Visited: December 4th, 2018

Location: 18.56150, -88.24951


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