Nice place to sleep. No dogs or roosters. Haha. You can drink water out of the river it’s nice

Tr2 is better then 1. It had been raining so one part there was a swim but it was along a rope so no worries. The first part is a small tunnel then the cave starts. After a bit another sky light opens up giving light. You can’t get out here. Continue down the river with a much lower roof to a room that has a 100 columns in it. Was great. There is a circle trail around the room then I went back the way I came

On the way back before tr1 I took a side trail that took me to the top of the entrance of tr1. Great! Then the trail goes down Bach to the entrance where you started.

Very fun and water is great

Blog: mr.pickell

Place: Terra Ronca State Park

Visited: November 28th, 2018

Location: -13.73433, -46.35690


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