- Really nice place. 40Q pp for camping and 55Q for dorm. Other reasonable options available.
- Large camp ground with bathrooms, washing clothes area (sink), natural pool, walks, small playground.
- Buffett was good, they serve for you which is plenty of food. 65q option seems the most logical as the plates are on the small side so you can only have so much. The veggie quiche was super delicious and their salad dressings tasty too. Also chips and burger from the menu good value and tasty.
- the Cueva Del Río hike was awesome. It's about 18-20kms road trip but over 3/4s is flat before a small pass nearer the cave. It's the best cave experience we've ever had - super fun but be mindful of rain fall (as previously advised). You need good grip boots I'd say for the later part of the hike and some muddy areas, but definitely also trainers or something to wear in the cave. We all wore trainers/tennis shoes and just about survived but I'd have preferred to have used hiking boots and then trainers (to get wet) for the cave. You need to be pretty active for the cave and it's a good walk so definitely 6-8 hours depending on speed and time in the cave. Take a good lunch. We paid Q85pp as a group of 4 but 2 I believe would be Q120pp. Highly recommended.

Blog: thebiggirltravels

Place: Finca Ixobel

Visited: August 13th, 2018

Location: 16.30284, -89.42031


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