was a paradise for us too ! still 40qtz/person for camping.
home made diner buffet style served in the evening
65qtz/p servido (means you choose one of the 2 salad - vegetable and meat ) and 80qtz/p if you want everything (but it's clearly too much food)
the buffet is pricey but it is SO SO good
we stayed 5 days ; ate late breakfast/brunch in the van and then had the buffet and it was enough food for the day.
there are hikes to do around : the one that climbs the pyramid is not so enjoyable , hard to climb and full of ticks. the other one that goes to the mount Cerroz something is nice
highly recommended stop between Flores and Rio dulce

Blog: bediebedo

Place: Finca Ixobel

Visited: May 10th, 2018

Location: 16.30435, -89.42150


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