Well, where to start... the Xpu-Ha beach is one of the nicest we‘ve seen on the whole riviera! (They have the algae problem too of course but that‘s everywhere along the coast). But that‘s about it.... the often mentioned German caretakers weren’t here when we visited, maybe that is partly while the experience was not the same?!
Camping is NOT beachfront at all! It‘s parking between longterm 5th wheels on some sandy/grassy aera next to a junkyard with old cars/boats and lots of rubish. Toilets are the ones from the public beach, very dirty and full of moskitos. The water is quite salty and brownish, were happy not to depend on it... Wifi was not working, still were charged 300 Pesos / night even without needing electricity and water!
This place benefits from the beach, otherwise there’s no reason to stay and too expensive!

Blog: Einmalrundum

Place: Xpu-Ha Campground Mundo Chalio

Visited: April 26th, 2018

Location: 20.47235, -87.25848


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