We enjoyed our stay here. We felt lucky to find this place over Semana Santa as we were nervous. It is busy on the beach and at the restaurant during the day but almost everyone clears out by 7 pm so it’s quiet at night.
We had electricity and water at our spot. There was also shade behind our van which was really nice since it gets very hot.
The beach was nice and clean. The water beautiful and pleasant temperature.
They were having the same seaweed problem here but tried their best to clean it daily.
Some days were windy, others calm.
We ate one meal daily at restaurant. It is expensive and cost 30-40 usd four four of us. Also a small tienda on site.
Bathrooms not the best. Toilets flushed sometimes. Only cold showers.


Place: Xpu-Ha Campground Mundo Chalio

Visited: March 30th, 2018

Location: 20.47235, -87.25848


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