Arrived just before sunset and not a single person around. When Antonio got home that evening he came and welcomed us. However by Saturday it was full! Amazingly no one was rude or up late partying.
We had a wonderful time and loved seeing the Montezuma oropendolas.
The pool with rope swing was a blast. I was hesitant to get in at first (doesn’t look the cleanest) but our family of four all did it and it was fun and refreshing.
We were not brave enough to swim in lake but four Germans did and no issues.
We also waved a boat down for a tour. It was a lot of money 800 pesos for our family of 4. I have mixed feelings. It was nice to be out on the lake but too much money.
Catemaco has everything you’d need but it is a drive and no restaurant or tienda on-site so I suggest bringing ample food.
Be prepared for how run down this place is though. It’s such a great spot but neither slide worked while we visited and it’s not the cleanest.


Place: La Jungla, Catemaco

Visited: March 16th, 2018

Location: 18.44528, -95.06737


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