It’s amazing how your impression of a place can change so dramatically.
For some reason my husband and I didn’t realize how big this city was.
We pulled in on a Thursday afternoon and it was mad chaos, traffic bumper to bumper and cops directing traffic everywhere. It was very stressful getting to the campsite so our first impression was not great.
Then about an hour later everything cleared up and the city became much more relaxed for the rest of our stay.
Campsite was empty when we arrived and now practically full. We stayed 2 nights then went to Mexico City and left the van and then stayed two more nights.
If inside the campground facing the gate, you go right for restaurants, hair stylist, laundry, Tiendas, Telcel.
To the left is a huge supermercado a little further but still walkable.
We walked to the pyramids 2.5-3 miles each way. Outside the pyramids there are countless restaurants.
The showers were hot. We paid 270 pesos per night to camp and half that to leave van parked while we visited Mexico City.


Place: Trailer Park Teotihuacan

Visited: March 4th, 2018

Location: 19.68292, -98.87041


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