A sad little piece of the United States sitting in Mexico without any purpose. obsolete, lifeless and limp. cold showers, non functioning waterslide and children's pool is now a filthy cesspool for mosquitoes.... lots of bugs, mosquitoes and flying insects. inadequate water supply. management was unable to answer most basic questions about the area. we needed to make some repairs to our rig and the guy couldn't even recommend a welder... he takes a lot of naps... there's a horrible amount of light pollution at this place, so don't expect good rest or starry skies. despite the light pollution in the campground, the bathrooms are dark and dangerous. it's also rediculously overpriced. bring your own toilet paper.

Blog: speleozarkistan

Place: Tepetepan Villas and RV Park

Visited: February 13th, 2018

Location: 18.41889, -95.12139


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