stayed 2 nights with plans to go to San Cristobal. Met the kids and decided to stay here and get to know them. They are amazing kids. a lot of them want to practice or learn English. They tought us some more Spanish as ours isnt that good. My boyfriend had his longboard with and the kids loved riding around on it. a few of them want to buy one for themselves. On the weekends they love playing volleyball. I encourage you to get in on some games and get to know the kids.

As for the camping situation, it is just as described. although I was expecting the bathroom to be worse than it was based on reports. I recommend staying here. the nights were cool and no mosquitos.

Blog: draeofsun95

Place: Hogar Infantil

Visited: February 17th, 2018

Location: 16.77606, -93.38394


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