Paid 100 p/pp which covered wifi/pool/amazing bathroom/ power. It is a strange setup here for car campers. Put simply, even though they explicitly offer this service the concierge clearly didn't agree with the camping policy (even though we rang up and confirmed the booking directly). The concierge was fairly unprofessional about it and tried to up he agreed price to 300 p and made it clear we could only stay for one night. We thought as we left that they should probably not offer vehicle camping when they are so uncomfortable with the concept (who knows it could have just been the concierge- the lovely lady we confirmed with was fine). You park on a road next to garden that is out of bounds. Felt really safe/ family friendly etc. Full write up on our blog.

Blog: skyekennedyis

Place: Flamingo Inn Hotel

Visited: July 31st, 2015

Location: 20.58194, -100.39917


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