We stayed one night in our camper. The place is still operational in so far, as you can stay overnight here. But there is nobody around and the buildings are abandoned, the bathrooms demolished and there is also no electricity anymore. There is still water. If you don't need the hookup and are looking for a place where you are alone, then this place is ok. Just drive through the gate and then to the end of the path where you can park a few meters away from the beach. A man will come to collect the fee. Price is still 200 per vehicle pn, 150 if you stay longer. He also locks the gate in the evening.
There is some noise from the plantation buildings on the neighboring lot, not loud but continuous.

Blog: desertfalcon

Place: Celestino RV Resort

Visited: January 28th, 2018


Large Offroad Vehicle

Location: 23.79472, -106.87998


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