Stayed this night in the dirt lot above the slanted parking, much flatter. Free to park for the night but we paid the L30 per person for entrance to the pools, which got us entry for the evening and the morning. Great temperature in the pools for night and early morning. The pools are open til midnight so there is a rowdy night crew at the pools until later. Expect to see various police with automatic weapons coming and going late at night if you are out. We had our windows open for venting, felt safe, and had no problems even though there was a herd of men drinkin beer in the lot til wee hours. The morning is the best, we had the entire place, three main pools to ourselves. The workers were all very friendly, showed us where to get water from an outside faucet. Recommended for low budget boondock over landers.

Blog: pattywheaton

Place: Balneario Aguas Termales Presidente

Visited: July 16th, 2015

Location: 14.57013, -88.55994


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