It is a possible place to park. I arrived after the stores were closed but the gate was open with no one to ask so I just parked. At 11pm I was woken up by lots of niose around the van, which turned out to be a bunch of guys setting up a furniture fair, turning the whole lot into tents. Hence, why the gate was open. I moved to the front lot because I was literally getting tented into the lot and was too tired to go looking for a new spot. Not too noisy for being right off main road, but a trucker parked right beside the lot directly off the road, which is a possible emergency night spot for larger rigs. There was a guard at the front of the lot until 6am. Fine spot if the lot isn't being turned into a fair..

Blog: pattywheaton

Place: Parking "Fabrica de carretas Chaverri" Sarchi

Visited: June 30th, 2015

Location: 10.08202, -84.34112


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