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Date Place Comment
camper plaats de wissen

parking lot style camper spot with some grass around it.

Parking De Schalk

big parking lot which is used frequently by locals with RV's
no problem to stay overnight. no amenities


even for big campers okay just south of the wind mill.
we put our car and tent just north of the windmill. there's a picnic table and trash can.
might be a hangout spot during summer as there were a lot of Sig butts

camping Quendorfer See

nice campground. 17€ for a tent with 2 persons.
clean showers.

13 Fronteras

this restaurant which got the name of the border crossings owner Dave went through getting from Washington dc to Argentina, serves amazing fusion food.
we got to meet this curious charismatic person who loves to hear overlander stories.When you are in Buenos Aires, make sure to drop in.

Martial Glacier Parking Lot

good stop for doing the hike the next morning. tea house didn't have any of the day meals any more at 7pm.
from the parking lot you can get the refugio Wi-Fi pw [passwords are not allowed ]

Ferry over Magellan Sts

you need to be lucky here
we arrived when a boat was just disembarking with only 1 car before us. couldn't get on though as they let dangerous cargo on it. so next one half an hour later. 15000 for a van

parking lot near the beach

decent spot. lots of fast and furious going on on the main street though.
ear plugs recommended. open Wi-Fi still works

Tante Sara

menu del dia only available for lunch
250 min for most mains
service not friendly. girlfriend slipped on bottom trip of stairs and fell. waiter walked by and looked away.
Wi-Fi didn't work

Misael Barboza / El Gringo Flyfishing

don't go to the location. guy mostly not there. just contact him online

Parque Penguino Rey

nice place although expensive for what it is. still worth it if you want to see king pinguïns. we got the briefing together with a tour group who arrive at the same time we did. took about 10mins
then started walking the trail. saw the pinguïns from about 30m.
they were walking around and going for a swim.
the rest of the walk nothing to see.

Shipwreck and Ghost Town

the two wrecks alone are worth stopping for. didn't go into the buildings

Luka's boss friendly good mechanic

nice 70 year old mechanic. helped us with two sway bar bushings and fixing a shock. he likes some help in just holding stuff but gets the job done.
price was okay too.

Pervan Autos - Jose Pervan - Buys Used Campers

doesn't want camper vehicles any more as the previous entry's vehicle is still on his lot.

parking lot

got charged 1000 at 7pm for the remaining hour we had to pay.
Wi-Fi works and hotel casino has nice toilets on the second floor next to the elevators.

Seminuevos mag / buy and sell over lander vehicles from all nationalities

only wants pretty new vehicles with Chilean plates.

Mirador Cuernos

nice walk past the waterfall and to the mirador. quite busy at one point but definitely worth the small effort
they do close the track at high winds so best ask at a guard station on your way there

Monumento al Viento

think one of the four is broken and don't know what they are supposed to be.
you can see them without stopping

Mirador Cóndor

very nice views from the top.
do watch out you don't get blown of the top though. had some fun up there with the wind

Lago Pehoe - Torres del Paine

spent the night here after doing the condor mirador. nobody came to collect our money at the far shelters. level spot with nice view of the torres.
the furthest toilet block is good with hot showers.

Grey Glaciar lookout

nice short walk to the island to see the glacier in the distance.
only 1 big and 1 small iceberg in the water at the time.
clean toilets at the trailhead

Chilean Immigration and Customs – Paso Dorotea

got lucky here to be just behind a big tourist bust on the Argentinian side but passed them on the way to the Chile aduana. no real vehicle check

Mecanica Gallegos

don't waste your time here.
we went here before our 3 day trip into tdp. he said he would get the parts from punta arenas. when we came back after 3 days he said his guy in arenas didn't have them. after we found them ourselves in natales and went back he just said he didn't have time to install them. big joke.

Sernatur wifi free

good info on the park. make sure to ask about the road going to the park as there was construction going on and the situation changes every week

car break in at Meraki

arrived afternoon in Salen to and on the road Hector offered us to park and sleep at his parking lot of the restaurant if we had dinner there. seemed okay as many good reviews.
he did need the keys as there were no open spaces at that time. again because of so many good reviews went for it.
when we came back after 3 hours to have dinner and wanted to get the computer out of the van we notice all valuables gone.
the person who parked our van did it so the back was in the bushes between them and the next property.
the thief had come through them to avoid all 3 cameras.
worst part is that Hector told some customers he would take care of it and reumburse part of the stolen stuff. but when the police got there he started denying this happened here and that we were trying to scam him. and never owned a gopro or computer.
that person made a bad situation 10 times worse.

so he is really friendly up to a certain point. then the real guy shows his face.

Ruta Y-290 to Ruta 9 closed

this part was still closed for us.
so you have to take the exit south of the airport onto the y300.
there might be a sign saying "only possible for mild on and not torres" but we just went and the road was good

Parque Nacional Torres del Paine – Visitor Center parking area

perfect place to overnight after entering the park at 8pm for free.
got our park map here in the morning and got info of the local fauna

Road closures till December 2018

could just drive at 7pm on a Friday without closures.

Entrance N.P. Torres del Paine - Serrano

[.................... Place deleted by admin ....................]

Entrance to Perito Moreno Glacier

in low season definitely possible to smuggle people in.
girlfriend was still sleeping in the back when driving in. if I wouldn't have said she was there I would have only paid once. nobody checked our tickets again after buying them


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