kendallmccumber Check-Ins

Date Place Comment
Flat spot overlooking Tenacatita bay

Lots of garbage has been dumped on this road. Very buggy, this place backs up to a lagoon/swamp, and the biting insects come out in force. In the morning there was a man passed out on the beach in front of us, at least I hope we was only passed out.

Playa Pilitas

Really lovely. No cell service and can get very windy. Small rig high clearance only. Other than that, what Baja dreams are made of.

Playa de Pichilingue

We went there for the afternoon to get out of the wind, which was great. Calm water and amazing snorkeling on the west side. A little too much road noise and people coming and going for us and the dogs, so when the wind let up a little before sunset we headed back to Tecelote, which is a way prettier beach buy the snorkeling itself was worth the stop.

El Chorro

Nice small campground. Maybe 5 spots. One by the river, the others back in the trees but pretty. About 100 yards to the springs, hike up the river to more pool but a lot of scrambling. The did let the dogs in but asked us to make sure they didn’t bother anyone. Not sure if that will stay that way. 100 pesos per person for camping and reserve fee.

Rancho Ecologico El Refugio

Really nice canyon they will take you hiking to a waterfall in and give you a tour of the farms. Did not stay there worth the day trip. Not a lot of room for van camping if you’re into spreading out though. Went down the road to the next site to camp for the night.

Campamento el Zalate

Really beautiful. Right by the river and big boulders and trees. Does say no pets though.

Playa Los Cocos

Beautiful views. Easy access to the water. Loved waking up to sunrise view. Traffic noise as we are close to the road and the hill.

Sea side camp spot north of Mulegé

Not the easiest drive in but yes very quiet by the sea. Lots of trash but otherwise quiet and pretty away from any houses.

Camp Beluga, San Luis Gonzaga Bay

Nice. As of 3 pm were the only people. Really pretty beach but windy. 500 pesos plus 100 to get wifi password. We’re van camping but nice to have the wind shelter to hang out on the beach because otherwise it’s blowing too hard. All in all, not bad for a first night into Baja stop.

Pull out on the way to Box

A pull out here, looks safe. Sign says no dumping. It was dark and we had a van with a trailer and didn’t want to keep looking. A peaceful place foe the night. Pretty windy but no other lights or noise.


This is not marked right. The road off the main road is not a road it is a cliff side. Couldn’t find this.

Open beach

There’s a road that parallels a drainage wash to the beach here that does not show up on the map, it is clearly public beach parking and fairly flat. Lots of rocks and driftwood piles but very few people on the beach, a few houses scattered along and this spot seems to be at the edge of a palm tree plantation.


After checking out mar azul and Luna tortuga and feeling like we didn’t want to be in a restaurant parking lot we moved on down the same dirt road and started to ask at private property until a man said we could at $100 pesos right next to the beach one driveway up from his little palapa. People here are very nice but do not speak English at all. Necesitas hablar en español por comunicación. In the morning the man was collecting baby turtles that had hatched Ar night that he was planning to release in the evening. Later he brought us two cocos chopped and ready to drink! He does this every day. He invited us back. There’s some bathrooms in his driveway that look public but we didn’t ask to use them. I am not sure the coordinates are exactly right as I was on the beach a little down when I started this but it’s a couple of driveways past a faded sign mentioning camping wand events in Spanish.

Safety 1st.

We pulled in at about 4. Place is as described in other reviews. The guard station looked abandoned but it is at the edge of town with and open ocean view. I think the aesthetically challenging concrete are tree planters but obviously they never got trees in them. It is odd look, not the perfect beach dry camp, but we checked out the other places and they looked like they could be busy and too many lights. We could hear noise and barking from town and were glad we were here. Later a guard leaned over the wall and called to us and told us in Spanish that we were good to stay here and let him know if we need anything. It is true that turtles come up at dark and lay their eggs. It’s a long process but be patient to watch with patience. It seems like the turtles scare easily so need to be careful.

Playa trailer park

It was nice because there were only two spots taken. I guess other years it is full. We were lucky to park on one of the 3 spots on the beach. There was wifi but we only got it from the other guests. The owner gave us a network that was never active. Sometimes we had to dine her to get the bathrooms unlocked. It did work for one night because right near all the stores to stock up. Lots of light at night and next to a restaurant that keeps a dog tied up alone Ar night that barks at anyone walking by.

Villas Cristina Campground & Rooms

Quiet it seems like the hotel and restaurant are closed. Just a couple tent campers and the let us pull up to the beach in the van. Restrooms are clean. Showers are cold. $150 pesos per person. This is the location of Christina’s. We tried a few other spots and were told no.


Just as beautiful as everyone says but lots of trash and lots of people coming and going. Other campers too, even on a Sunday night in January. Mostly locals coming to fish and super friendly but not a place to let your guard down.


Just as beautiful as everyone described, except for the trash. Don’t expect the place to yourself. Packed on Sunday and even fairly busy on a Monday, both with campers and day trippers.

El Palmar de Chacala

Nice beautiful open beach camping. Sign said closed due to covid but they let you in if you ask. Charged $350 though. Not sure why but it wasn’t almost sunset so we didn’t mind.

Rockhound State Park

Beautiful and quite. Clean bathrooms but showers closed due to covid.

Rockhound State Park

Nice and quiet. Good sunset views. Clean bathrooms but showers closed due to covid.


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