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November 8th, 2021 Walmart, near A10

Still available. Staged here for White Sands NP. About 4 RVs and me on RTT. Very busy Walmart so lots of traffic and the usual sketchy people. I always wonder what these people are doing. They hang out for hours in the lot then leave. Gets real quiet when it closes and then picks up about 6 am with traffic. I think one train in the night.

November 5th, 2021 Walmart Fort Stockton

Still a great spot. 8 RVs or Vans and about 7 semis in adjacent dirt lot. Just wanted to bump it to show it is still available. 3 bars 5G AT&T. And WalMart wifi.

November 4th, 2021 Sunset Reef Campground

Nice place. Early November and packed but there’s room at the fence for everyone. Get here early if you want an established site. 5 day limit so I bet slow turn for table sites.

November 3rd, 2021 BLM camp spots near Carlsbad Caverns

Rough road but nice view. Gets very rough at one small spot. MSurprised to see a small 2WD sedan go up the road past the 3rd spot, if his car was wider he’d be in trouble. I didn’t try in the Subaru because the 3rd spot was open but I think I could have made it! I wouldn’t advise trying in the dark unless you have high clearance.

November 2nd, 2021 IH 20 Reststop - emergency overnight

Brand new rest stop. Can access westbound from exit 352 and then work back to it by getting on east bound from Blondell. Takes very little time. Not a lot of parking for new rest stop on the car side. Very bright and cars are near freeway, so a bit loud. Wish they would reverse that and put trucks closer to freeway. Texas allows 24 hours in rest stops. Texas Transportation Code 545.411. 3-4 bars 5G AT&T
Edit. So getting back on I20 west is about a 3+ mile loop and it is easy to miss the left on Blondell.

November 1st, 2021 Hot Springs Off Road Park

Website prices seem to be considerably higher.

November 1st, 2021 Gulpha Gorge NP Campground

Nice place bit tight. Designed for RVs but I did it with a popup tent. Might be challenging for ground tent. Got spot near creek which was nice. Showed up at 11am and only 2 open sites, first come first served. All sites have water, power, table, and pedestal bbq but most don’t have fire ring. So sad but no fire for me. Weird kiosk payment machine only lets you reserve at 12:05pm, so sat around for an hour until I could register. You can reserve multiple days but if you don’t then you have to hang around until 12:05 to extend. Wish they would move to a QR type system. Host was very nice. 1 or 2 bars 5G AT&T.

October 31st, 2021 Cabellas

Peaceful night. 5 RVs, 1 van, 1 semi, and me in a pop up tent. Police staged 2 cars in lot or maybe 1 was security? For sure 1 car was LPD. 1 car was gone by 8 am. Walk to several restaurants and Costco gas a block away.

October 31st, 2021 Rest Area with overnight allowed

Nice rest stop but a bit old, needs remodeling. Best spot is too close to freeway and entire area is loud. Truck side is a mess and people do not know how to park on car side. They are every where and sideways RVs taking multiple car spots. If you come late with a big RV you may have problems finding a spot. At 6am a semi tried to drive through car side which was impossible due to sharp s curve, so that was fun.

October 28th, 2021 SB Horse Cave Rest Area

Huge rest stop but very loud. Cars have big rigs on the back and the interstate to the front. Clean bathrooms and info desk. Vending machines.

October 24th, 2021 I 81 west rest area

Nice place. Close to road and truckers that love to idle. Not huge but decent space.

October 24th, 2021 Welcome Center to North Carolina

Rest Stop and welcome center. Nice place. Only thing is the Tennessee rest stop a few mikes away is a bit nicer but this one looks better for sleeping.

October 23rd, 2021 RV and truck rest stop with all services

Did not stay because cashier was a bit confused about where was okay to over night and where was not. Lots of space but partially looks like paid camping. If I was there earlier and able to talk to manager I might have stayed.

October 22nd, 2021 Rest Stop and Information Center

At interchange of I95 and US 1. Large rest stop. No signs about over night parking. Just before the Shell Gas and across from a small Walmart. Lots of picnic tables.

October 19th, 2021 Bar Harbor Campground

Closed. 3pm. October 19, 2021. Don’t see any activity. I guess I should have called.

October 19th, 2021 Hadley‘s Point Campground

Closed. 10/19/21 for the season. Makes no sense. People will camp year round. If Acadia is open they should be also. All open hotels booked or expensive this week.

October 17th, 2021 Unadilla Rest Stop -I88 East

Standard rest stop. Lots of spaces. Decent separation from truckers. Lots of shade and picnic tables. Bathrooms old and a bit messy on my visit. Vending machines. Dark edges at beginning and end of car lot. Dog walk area. 3 to 4 bars AT&T 5G.

October 5th, 2021 Walmart

Walmart Supercenter
2350 S Pleasant Valley Rd
Winchester, VA 22601
This one is near a lot of restaurants and other retail.

October 4th, 2021 Walmart

Forgot to say. Still blasting music in lot. I think they turn up the volume at close.

October 4th, 2021 Walmart

Overnight stays still okay, I guess. I stayed in front lot near wall. So, loud spot. Lots of cars cutting through lot. Why are people so loud? Junky SUV with no muffler drove around lot for 15 minutes for no apparent reason right after close. There was one camper in back lot but I stayed in the front lot because rear looked sketchy and cars zoomed through the back as a local short cut. I was in Roof Top Tent, btw. The front had a few cars that seemed like they were overnighters but most were gone by 7am so maybe they were friends/family waiting for workers? At 5am the dude drove around the lot with a sweeper truck.

April 3rd, 2021 Green Valley Campground

Large 80 site campground in Cuyamaca Rancho State Park. Very busy. $35 for dry camping spot. Not sure about hookups. Horse camp area. Showers. Water. Flush toilets. 1 bar AT&T 5Ge


Great place. Lots of open space but somehow people decide to park 25 yards away when everyone else is 100+ yards apart. Is it just me? Why do that? 2-3 bars AT&T LTE. Found nice fire ring but didn’t use it.

March 27th, 2021 Potable water Wildrose

Great campground. Free so people clear out later than early but was full by 3 on weekends and had 1 or 2 open on a Monday night. I lucked out and grabbed the 1 high hillside campsite. There’s 2 in between sites also. Need 4x4 to get up there due to large holes in road but did it in Outback with a bit of slipping. No service. Drinking water. Nice place.

March 23rd, 2021 Paramint Springs Resort

Now $15 a night for tent sites. Includes shower but I didn’t take one. Flushing toilets spaced about. Standard close campgrounds layout. Hard rocks. Very Windy. No AT&T. WiFi did not work for me, was able to logon but nothing. Not even simple low data text apps worked.

December 7th, 2020 Fort Stevens State Park

So, 6 tent sites mixed in with cabins in K loop. $25 for out of state and $20 for Oregon residents. Long walk to toilet but showers included. L loop looks good but expensive, its full hookup. The electric only loops are $35 but open with little privacy. Almost no one here in winter so lots of loops closed. Three dump sites. Selling ice and firewood. I wish they would turn one of the other loops into tent only also. Just turn off power and water. Instead they have us all crammed us together on K loop, what with covid and all.

October 20th, 2020 Kolob Terrace Rd near Zion NP

BLM dispersed camping. Lots of spaces and other campers. Stretches along a creek that you can pass with high ckearance vehicle. 3 bars AT&T LTE.

October 17th, 2020 Beas Lewis Flat Road. BLM

Lots of space. Parts are construction site. Windy. Not much shade. Lots of red sand especially if you pick a bad spot. Come when it’s daylight and you’ll have better luck. Free. Hopefully no kids or generators will end up nearby.

October 17th, 2020 Thousand lakes RV Park

All full. Busy place, BLM or National Forest for me.

October 16th, 2020 BLM Hanksville

Down the road a bit from this site overlooking Hanksville. Lots of pickup traffic early then almost none after 8pm on a Friday. Decent 3G signal for AT&T.

October 14th, 2020 Willow Springs Road - BLM land

Oh, one bar AT&T. Not enough for Tik Tok but can do texts no pictures and this app.


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