charlotte198877 Check-Ins

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Old Page Mill

Spent the night and was not bothered. But some of the pull offs are looking kinda rough/uneven. You could tell big rigs have been there. I found a smaller pull off that’s flat. It’s such a nice and quiet spot just like the other said. But it was also a bit scary for me since it was so quiet and no one was there during the night. I was afraid if a robbery came and I’d be alone. But turned out everything was fine! Please leave no trace so we can keep this spot open!

Reno/ Desert Way

Love this place so much!!! The view is gorgeous and the wild horses are pure joy!!! Locals come in the morning to drop off hays for them to eat. So they’re super friendly to human. Though there’re more and more developments around now. Sad!! Please keep this a sacred place for the horses! We spent a quiet night without problem. There were a few other trailers tugged away up in the hill. Verizon full bars.

Berkeley Marina

Stayed a night at the parking lot across from the marina. Lots of cars parked here over night. Street noises. I didn’t have a good sleep.

Shower/bathroom from Berkeley Marina is closed to public now. I was lucky that a gentleman who has a slip let me in. It has hot shower!!!

Roadside near Google Headquarter

Love this quiet street with all the other fellow RV/Vanlifers. I got here around 10:30pm and was able to grab a spot at the end of the street. Though I didn’t get any google WiFi, I was able to use my version data. It’s all covered by trees so hot days are not a problem! Didn’t try to check out google since it’s Covid I assumed they close everything. Was woken up by leaf blower around 7am and I left.

Lucky Lane street parking

Camping prohibited sign is posted. Didn’t stay for the night. But there’re still a lot of trucks and RVs parked there.

El Reno Lake City Park

I got the knock for $5 around 7:30am the next morning. But oh well! Hot shower, plumbing, all the water activities and a place to stay for $5?? Amazing deal! The gentleman who knocked on my door was so apologetic and kind too. There’re a lot of places you can park in between trees for shades and nice breeze. Though it was humid the day I was here.

Verizon 2 bars. Slow but works!

Will come back if passing by OKC again!

Fairview National Forest - dispersed camping

I went on a hike at Pedestal Rocks & Kings Bluff Trail then came here to camp for the night. Only 15 mins away. A very nice dispersed campground with a clean pit toilet. Right by rt 16 so you could hear trucks passing by. But I’ve only heard it 3 times the night I spent there. Most of the time it was quiet and peaceful. There’re at least 4 established campsites from what I could see.
Water spigot on site!
Verizon gets you 1-2 bars. Very unstable and slow.
Like the other says, please keep it clean so we all can use it again!!

Mike Freeze Wattensaw NMA dispersed camping

Love love love this place! Quiet and peaceful! You can go to the designated campground or go in further for the lake! I opted out for the lake. There were one tent and a truck when I arrived late with my converted camper van at 9pm. But no one bothered and was able to have the whole lake to myself the next day since they left early! The spot I got was right next to the lake and under a tree with nice shade and wild flowers along the water bank. So perfect and had good privacy. You could hear fish jumping out of water. Butterflies and dragonflies everywhere

Be sure to follow the main road. Google maps (on iPhone) told me to go off road and I almost got stuck in a ditch. But there should not be off road to this site.

Potable water is by the first left campsite you see as you’re coming in.

Verizon gets you 1-2 bars, not that stable. But I could stream YouTube and surf internet with no problem.

Bad Fork Valley Overlook

Beautiful place to crush a night. Actually once you get on blue ridge Pkwy there’s a lot of overlooks that you can crush for a night. Lots of car campers. Vehicles kept pulling in and out but it was still relatively quiet. Had a good night sleep. Verizon 1-3 bars signal. So some slow time but good most of the time.

Nubble Light Parking

Beautiful spot. But a lot of tourists didn’t quiet down until 10 then started showing up at sunrise! Lol! Verizon signal has 2 bars but goes in and out. Bugs everywhere at least at night. Screen door suggested if you want to open up for fresh air

Love Travel stops

Gas station with showers and potable water via garden hose for camper van

Walmart Parking Lot

Normal Walmart parking lot. Could hear highway traffic on the distance


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