Talesinvan Places

Id Name Country Category
161906 Birrieria, taqueria 664 - I <3 Tacos Mexico Restaurant Show
164233 Military Checkpoint Mexico Checkpoint Show
164282 Pemex Mexico Informal Campsite Show
164387 new tool booth Mexico Warning Show
165864 Art & Coffee Mexico Restaurant Show
166794 Checkpoint Policia Estatal Mexico Checkpoint Show
167024 tamales dona guera Mexico Restaurant Show
167025 Checkpoint guarda nacional Mexico Checkpoint Show
168884 Island Breeze Bar and Grill Belize Restaurant Show
170134 Museum of Paléontologia, Arqueologica de Estanzuela Guatemala Tourist Attraction Show
170512 Very steep and rough road Guatemala Warning Show
172589 Checkpoint after toll Honduras Checkpoint Show
173882 Oldest church of Nicaragua Nicaragua Tourist Attraction Show
173938 Street parking around central park Nicaragua Wild Camping Show
176627 Bakara Bistro Costa Rica Restaurant Show

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