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Colombian mobile providers: Foreign phones banned after 1 month without registration

So we had the same issue but it was call *611# tham *225# but it doesn't work. We went to claro official store in a mall and they told us to go to an official one.

But we found the solution, because the passport number couldn't work you have to put the number they enter so better to buy a claro in an official shop and not a little friends because they can put any number.

So check the number under your name in the factura, it will be normally that's number who can register it.

so first *611# accept, accept, accept and number of passport they entered (for us random number) and it will registrate it.

Lookout near Chorro de la Mozas

Quiet place, really calm after 22 (we were a saturday !). Beautiful sunset !

Santa Fe

Stayed 2 nights here really quiet after 21h when it's sunny and early when it's rain. Really peaceful town. Waterfall and river close. Nice people


We passed in 2h CR -> Panama.
in 5 five for the Costa Rica side, stamp in passport in the window salida and register the exit of the vehiculos, 2s the guy didn't want to check the van it was in the sun so sign and go to panama. Don't forget to pay online the 8$ tax easier and it's on the internet after that so immigration guy just check that

There it was fun, we begin with immigration but we wait for the doctor to check our vaccination. We wait, the immigration guy give us a formularie to complete and we wait, he said go to the insurance for the vehicle meanwhile. The insurance it's in the building across the street in the copies buildings. Made the insurance for 25$ for 1 month and copies.
go back to wait to the doctor.
He arrive, didn't really check, sign the paper and then immigration.
Normal question, even the where do you stay (in an hotel ) and when do you leave (with the shipping of our van) ? This question tooks longer because we have the reservation in a WhatsApp conversation but they accept it.
Last, go to the aduana for the paper, give your car registration and passport and seguro (with one copies of it) and wait as they enter all the data.
finally go paid the fumigation 6$ and give the paper to the guy controlling cars, he will check in 2s your car and with a nod, you can enter in Panama ! Enjoy but be careful to have all your documentation.

Park with FREE WIFI

Nice park, really calm and good wifi. Perfect night before crossing the next morning

Ruinas da Iglesia antigua en Ujarrás

Still Nice and we ask the guard if we can refill our little bottle they agreed. So nice people too

Puerto Viejo center

Stayed here 2 night, one Saturday and one on Tuesday. Do not stay here Saturday you will not sleep l, they ended up the music at 3am and cars around continues until 5am. But Tuesday was super quiet. Close to the center everything by foot and wifi spot zii close to the road

Free WiFi

Stayed here to sleep 2 nights, super calm and quiet after 22. Really nice place with lots of restaurant

Bakara Bistro

Really nice french bistro with real good food and French recipe. It was perfect. We takes fish and clams for 20$ approx for 2. Awesome food and real cheese you can even try the camembert in fire. Gastronomy french and awesome couple. French and english speaking. And of course good wine. Try it it's worth it !

Reserva Biologica Tirimbina

We stayed one night here but on a chamber bcz it was 45$ that night. So we had ac, shower and the tour for our own in the big reserva. it was awesome, they were so nice. The tour only its 18$ without guide. So for 2 it was 36 and with this chamber we had also breakfast included for 45 it was so nice.

Free Hot Springs

Stayed here also one night, really quiet during the night after 22 and noise of the jungle. We went to the hot spring in the morning. didn't pay. we just avoid the park guid.

Arenal Wild camping on small peninsula

Stayed 2 nights here, really peaceful and calm. Rainy and windy but just in some moments. Careful for the road if you're not 4x4. We manage but careful.

Reserva Biologica Lomas Bardudal

Really Nice and still free reserva, we really enjoyed the cascade with the eat it was nice. For the road it still rocky but the last 300m, we just park on the side of the road, bcz of big holes and we're not propulsion but nice park. We heard monkeys, we saw lots of birds and the some other animals. Nice day

EXIT Nicaragua - Penas Blancas, Nicaragua/Costa Rica border

Very easy border. no scan. exactly as described. The part Who takes more time was to find the lady for the exit. after that policeman and aduana in the building were there is the personal scan and just go through and it's written tramites vehiculos.
Now the longest part was in CR border, do not arrived in the same time as a bus, we arrived at 12am and there was like 50 ppl for the immigration before.

Parque Sandino

Stayed one night, could have stay more. Peaceful at night, lots of kids and people in the day so secure and hospital near it if needed. Quiet night, bathroom open with the comedor

Daría Mirador

perfect place, no sound, secure, no one at night and really peaceful and perfect view of the lake

parking lot by supermarket

Stayed 3 nights at one street from the central park in front of the register building. Guard at night. First night party all night but it was Sunday and day off, and after really quiet night. everything near it and secure

Puerto Momotombo

Stayed one night here, really peaceful. But it was Saturday so there was music until midnight or more but in weeks they will be no one. Feel safe.


Stayed here 3 nights really peaceful, neighbour's are out until 22h because of the heat after that, no one on the street. In the center, close to everything. We talked with the lady who sold chocobanane and she like travelers and can help you if you want. Hot but a little breeze at night. Leon was super nice don't forget to check the museum of revolution and the museum of tradition and legends.

Volcano Day Tours- volcano sandboarding tour

Highly recommend it was awesome, we made the cerro negro and telica sunset for 70us$/p. It was perfect. Really worth it bcz we hade lunch, snack, beer, and super friendly guide who speak English, espanol, French and even German. Very well organized, they give you everything like glasses, gloves, suit etc before the hike. Just have to take 2liters of water and a bandana. For the telica it was awesome too, they have 4x4 bcz the road it's so steep. Really nice and professional.

Matagalpa downtown

Spend a really calm and peaceful and secure night here. Free of course and at one street to the center. Really nice people too around.

Museo precolombino de Chaguitillo

Small museum very interesting
Monday to Friday : 8h- 12h

very nice people ask Patricia she will help you and tell you lots of stories about here and history yoo.

Police checkpoint

no one here, no police. I think it's closed.

Street parking around central park

You can park all around the park when it's white nobody bothered us, we stayed 2 nights. At 22 it was like quiet, be careful if it's rain a lot to park you well. Really peaceful night and safe. Toilets closed at 8pm in the park, lots of restaurants and coffee around.

Las Manos, Honduras to El Paraiso, Nicaragua

Exactly as it's described. We arrived at 8h30 and left all the border stuff at 11. Honduras it was made in 15minutes, you need to go in Nicaragua first so they can accepted you --> covid pcr check, be careful with the place you do the test (pharmacie del ahorro it's okay).
They give you a paper keep it until almost the end. Made the registration for the Salida in Honduras, the man in orange take the paper at the border. After that you can "choose" the order, we went first to pay the fumigation (4,40$) at the right, then we tried to catch the lady of the aduana, after 10min, you choose to go the immigration, ask lots of question, they check really well the hotel, like where it is etc..., paid 13$ per person.
they were a crash btw 2 camiones when we were there so it was a little messy too. Find a guy from the aduana, give us a form to fill, the one for enter Nicaragua. After that, the policies sign the paper, write something on it and for the end at this location, you need to go the aduana for the véhiculo turismo, she asked all the paper (license, car registration, passport). After 10 min when she made the registration of our van, it was done. We had almost finish, take the car, drive like 2minutes and it's time for insurance, you give the 2 form entry and the little white paper of the immigration, you paid 12$ and its done you can fly away. Really it's was strefull but everything in a way was really smooth, you just have to keep in made to be patient. Enjoy Nicaragua !

Oldest church of Nicaragua

In a little town, ciudad Antigua, there is the oldest church of Nicaragua. White in front but when you made the turn you can see that she's old. Nice town and really really calm

Pulhapanzak Waterfalls

Price change since 15 March 2022 now it's 100 lp per person for the entry and 200 lp for camping (not sure if its for vehicule of per person), they give you the ticket for the next day. We were first in the parkeo and they told us to change and enter near the restaurant. It was semana santa so there was lots of people but even if it was really nice. You can enjoy the water which is so cool during this hot time . Really a nice place if you want to relax. We talked with some employees and they told us that the bar was open which was really cool too. Really peaceful night and no mosquitoes.

Camping By The River

Stayed one night here, arrived almost at dark, meet the family in the house in the left. We didn't going totally down, there was space and trees. Just one car in the night but unless really quiet, just sound of birds and river. The river was Brown so we didn't try it.

Angeli Gardens

Stayed one night, there was an event so we werent the only one and we didn't have the chance to meet Jason. So we just eat and drink at Jungla the brewery, and sleep we'll.

Checkpoint after toll

After a ghost toll so it was really slow at this point, you pass in front of military that made cars and bus stop. They waved at us but be prepared for the slow trafic


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