Bee-individual Check-Ins

Date Place Comment
Praia de area

Parking right next to the beach at the end of a small road. You can see the lighthouse and sometimes dolphins in the evening. No facilities. Some locals parked here in the morning to go spearfishing.

Elwha RV Park

as described before: only had overflow space available: for a 25 ft RV, they charged 25 bucks. WiFi and Clean facilities.

Fort Victoria RV Park

When all the beautiful campgounds around are full, this is an option to spend the night near Victoria. The washrooms are clean, WiFi is decent. full hookup provided. expensive: 60can for a 25ft. rig. 8km/5mls to central Victoria.

A view from the top of the world

Forget about the other options on Transfargarasan!

We found this place when we walked up to the viewpoint with the cross on its Top. If you have good weather, you can wake up in the morning with a view of 100+ Km's

To find it, turn off the main road at the parking lot and drive towards cabana balea lac. just before you would turn right to park in front of the cabana, take the small bumpy dirtroad on the left up towards the viewpoint. On the right of the viewpoint is a little platform where we camped. It sais that you can only camp here, if you pay parking. We asked in the Cabana and they said that someone will come and charge us (15Lp.P.), which didn't happen.

It's windy up there, so bring warm clothes for the evening.
Restaurant available in Cabana Balea Lac I
Wifi in Restaurant.
Toilets in Restaurant!

Camping Ananas

A quiet Campground, run by germans. Hot showers, fast wifi and lots of level spots. 2 People and a van:54 Lei

Has everything that you would expect from a campground

15 Minutes by car to Sibiu, 3 Minutes to the local village with a fortress and a church as sightseeing-options!

Strotzbüscher Mühle

As said before: extremely beautiful campground in the middle of a valley. Run by dutch, so the main language is dutch. The road is really curvy and your rig shouldn't be too big because of the turns.

Recommendation: call them before you go! They have only 17 places for campers and were full, when we arrived there without prior notice. we had to leave but will definitely come back!

wild camp at the river

we camped at this nice place which you can access in 2 ways: cross the small river (ca. 20cm deep) or drive around and access from above. We did the crossing which was easy.

The place is close to the street but not visible. There are 2 fire pits and a lot of wood around. The river is only a few meters away. Quiet at night, tent friendly, no other amenities.

Winery Huszar Pinceszet

We camped close by at a random dirtroad when the friendly owner Huszar came by and invited us to stay at his property. He took us there and we were surprised to find ourselfes on a beautiful winery property. He and his friend were super friendly and opened a bottle of wine immediately. He doesn't want money from you for staying at his place but we bought 2 bottles of his wine, ca. 1500 Forinth each.

Beautiful place with grassy field to stay at
little playground for kids
free to stay
winetasting possible.
german and english and hungarian

Camping Bradova Barsana

A nice little Campground with a perfect few.
Very nice owners and setting. Easy to access
You decide what you pay if you sleep there in a car.
Hot showers, fridge, electricity, Internet (wifi)

close to one of the famous wooden churches.

Am Löwentor

Shady parking lot next to the historic Löwentor.
A good place to boondock in Koblenz. From here, you can take public transport (Line 12) to the city center and visit all the sights. Walking is possible too.

Parking is free and quiet at night. If you need a shower, wifi, water, repairs, supplies or information about the area, ask around for Gorm and Eli (Am Spitzberg 5) - 50 meters away!

Parking lot at flower fields, free

If you follow the dirtroad down to the valley, there's a parking lot where the local flower farmers park their cars during the day. At night it's very quiet and the views up to the cliffs are amazing. The farmers are very friendly. There are no facilities. We loved it! The road down is a bit steep but we made it with our 42 year old VW, so i guess most of the travellers will have no problems!

Castivolks VW Repair

If you are travelling in a VW bus (kombi) and need parts or help, this is the place to be: A whole block full of mechanics and parts dealers. We had our brake pads for the rear drum break fixed and payed 80000 incl. new material and work. The guys at Castivolks have 30 years of experience in busses and are very helpful and fair. Within 100 metres around of this place, you're in VW heaven.

Los Sauzos

8000 per Person to camp and use the showers. They opened a cabana for us. No Wifi, just a 2 Minute walk to the famous piscina Erika, a balneario with hot sulphurous thermal water. No Wifi but you can get breakfast from the friendly owner. Recommendation: eat postres at the market of Iza and use the balneario

Cladestino Hostel

We stayed and it was very nice. Since the original owner left, it's now called "El Ocelote" Bathrooms were clean. payed 15000 per car.

Hotel Colonial Minca

We stayed at Hostal Colonial for 2 times because it was too nice. After checking out all the other options in Minca, we decided to stay here. It's a 15 Minute walk to Minca and 5 Minutes to the famous street-grill "Carmarilla". They have a private waterfall, a pool, lots of birds (we saw many toucans) flying around and fast wifi. From here we saw the perfect sunset every evening and everything is topped by Lix and William, the friendly owners. Their garden is full of fruits and they don't mind sharing! It's 15k p.P but if you stay longer, you might be able to get a better deal. They have dorms and private rooms too, beginning at 25k. We strongly recommend this place for your stay in Minca! Camping is on a grassy lot in front of the hostal. 4 dogs. Driving there from the road might be too narrow for huge rigs!

Carrera 8, close to a park, very quiet

We stayed at the lower part of carrera 8 on the right side of the street. It was possible to stay there for several days, even over the weekend. The area is very quiet and there are private guards of the nearby hospital 24/7. From here, it's a short walk to the hip parts of town a bit further east. No Amenities. There's a parqueadero close by with a bathroom

Hostal la Finca

Hostal la Finca is the perfect spot to stay. It’s not too easy to find but as always, to find the gems, you have to dig after them. Alexis and Mathilde (the owners) are a Colombian-German family. They are super friendly and helpful and know the area which helps you to get in touch with for example the owner of a untouristy coffee-finca or the best restaurants.
The price is 15k per person, per night. You might be able to get a slightly better deal if you stay for more nights. We camped there with a VW-bus. They told us that they’ll accept campers of the same size and a bit bigger (Pickups for example). If you think your camper might be too big, just contact them and ask.
They offer a clean pool with a view down into the valley. You could also take a private room or a dorm bed there. The showers are the best we’ve seen since leaving the US with hot water and still enough pressure to enjoy. They have a private natural waterfall close by in which you can cool down after walking in the mountains. There is internet / WIFI but as it’s up in the mountains, it’s not enough to upload photos or videos/ it’s very slow! Their shared kitchen is well equipped and clean so we used it instead of using our own gas. We especially liked the atmosphere in the evening, when everyone gathers around the kitchen. They have a book-exchange too.
As I mentioned, it’s hard to find: Our GPS didn’t know the small road up the hill!
From Medellin follow the road through the tunnel (13000) and drive down until you reach San Jeronimo. There’s an Exito-Supermarket on the right (you might buy some stuff for the days at the finca). Turn right immediately after the Exito and follow the road. Drive left two times until you see the LUXOR Resort. Turn right after the Luxor and follow the dirtroad for approx. 6=7KM’s until you see “Tienda Abraham” take a left here and follow the road until you see the Finca on your left. No 4x4 needed to climb up there.

the solution of wild camping in Cartagena

As everyone in Cartagena, we were searching for a place to pop the top in the city that was safe and nice at the same time. we were not too happy about all the options on IO so we asked around. While importing our car at Dian, we met a guy from Argentina who said: Don't you know about the Hilton-place? We didn't. It's a small parkin lot next to a bus station 100 metres away from the Hilton Hotel. It's very safe and at a small lake where you can rent little boats in the morning. People from Cartagena and the surrounding skyscrapers come here to walk their dogs or just watch the sky from one of the benches. No toilets or amenities but maybe you can use the washroom of the close-by restaurant!

Cabanas Kanwara

The view from here is spectacular. You camp at grass on 4005 m altitude and get everything you need for 10kp.P. The suicide-showers are only medium warm. A good spot to start the hike up to the peak! Cabanas available too.

Hacienda La Esperanza

We liked it very much. We especially liked the good food and the hot shower (best suicide-shower ever). From here, you can walk to the laguna grande de la sierra in 8 hours incl. your way back. Guillermo, the son of the owner is a chef and if he is there' try to profit from his art. Nice place!

Kite Addict School/Camp

beautiful place and very friendly owner (Martin). 10000 per vehicle. Bucket-shower and toilets. If you ask, he can even give you wifi from his phone. There are several Restaurants at the beach. We liked it!

Cascata del Bosco

THis is the kind of place everyone is searching for: When we asked for a place to pop the top for a night, George (he's the friendly guy running this place) told us that he likes people who are travelling like us. When i asked how much it is, he said: just drink a beer or two at the bar and maybe have some food. So we did. We had delicious Nachos and cold beer at the beautiful giant patio. He offers Wifi and bathrooms (without showers) in the bar. The property is covered with small trails that lead through the jungle. We saw a toucan and sometimes you can even see up to Volcan Baru in Panama. We really liked it here!

Gasolinera Morjan, 15Q per night

Since the possibility to camp at the tourist police's place is no longer available, we parked our bus at this gas station. It's not the most beautiful place to stay but it's quiet and safe at night. There is a guard that watches for you in between 11pm and 5am (when the gasolinera is closed). The price is 15 Quetzal per night, which we sorted out to be very good! Furthermore, you can stay in town as long as you want and don't have to hurry to drive up to the Parque ecologico. There is a restroom! Domino's Pizza across the street :)

Turista Police Car Park

We tried to camp there in the end of july and it was still not possible to enter. They say they have to decide how to continue.

Parque Ecologico Florencia

We liked this campground because its so quiet and you have lots of room to park your camper. There are some Palapas with a table and benches and the toilets are clean. We payed 60Q for 2 and stayed until Then the guard told us that you normally have to leave by 9am. We didn;t have to pay an extra-fee. The next day, we tried to come back after spending the evening in Antigua but when we arrived at 10p.m., we were standing in front of locked gates and nobody was there. I'd recommend to go there earlier!

Posada Las Marias

Posada las Marias is a Hotel that allows camping in its parking lot. We payed 25Q p.P. The showers were very clean and it's only 250m away from the natural monument. it's the closest possibility to camp, if you don't want to stay at the parking-lot. Everyone was very friendly. Electricity stops at 10pm.

Camping El Paraiso

Camping El Paraiso is actually a hostel but has some place to let one or two Campers stay overnight The owner, Juan is super friendly and loves to talk about his money-collection and mayan history. We payed 25Q.p.p. The restrooms are clean and you have cold showers. If you have some foreign bills that Juan likes, you can pay with them! In the morning, before we left, he climbed up the palm-tree and got us some coconuts which he opened immediately! We liked that place because of its friendly owner, the fact that it's cheaper than El muelle and because of the beautiful garden with a mirador on top! No Wifi but a internet-cafe close by!

Tikal Campground

We made the fault to stay at the official campground instead of camping at the Hotel Jaguar. The price is the same but you don't get the good showers and the wifi. The guy who is responsible for the campground was drunk and the restrooms were closed, when we arrived. Go to Jaguar

Convention Center Tenosique

We camped at the convention center in Tenosique. The guard watched for us at night. He wanted to have a propina so we bought him 2 bottles of coke! Toilets with bucket-flushing

Estacionamiento con Bano

We stayed at the Estacionamiento over night. The normal price per hour is 10 pesos but we payed 100 Pesos for the whole night from 4.30pm to 8am
The bathrooms are ok and the door is closed at night. 2 brothers live here. For us it was a good stay. I recommend going to Ocotlan on fridays because this is the day of the big market! It's good vor a VW-Bus or rigs in similar size. Bigger rigs may have problems entering


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