Live The Postcard Check-Ins

Date Place Comment
Port of Galveston gate 14

This is where you enter to pick up your vehicle once it arrives. Very quick and easy retrievel of your vehicle here. Nice and helpful people. Could have to pay an escort fee of $50-75 to enter the port.

Los Aguachiles Marisqueria

what a gem in the middle of gringo land. all locals here and the food and service were just stellar. if you find yourself around this area or looking for amazing tacos (and more) this is the place to go. also the Pipino Mezcal Margarita is pretty much the best drink in Mexico. just saying! happy trails!

Hidden public beach access

This is a private and public beach... see options below. There is parking available here. Not sure about camping. Great place to spend the day.

-Bring your own chairs and set up under a palm tree. FREE/GRATIS
-Or pay 500 pesos for beach chairs, this becomes credit at bar/restaurant. (price is for two people)
-Or pay 900 pesos and get exclusive access to the pool and bar/restaurant. (price is for two people)

happy trails!!

salad bar green

if you've been craving a good salad. other items are available however salads are main menu item. salad dressing a little bland but great selection of veggies. enjoy! happy trails!


It's fast vegetarian food and really good. it's in the food court on the top floor of the mall. you get to choose your vegetarian Patty from quinoa, soy, seitan, falafel and then your bun from beet, white, wheat, Gluten free. then you choose your veggies and toppings. very nice staff. HIGHLY RECOMMEND! nice break from típico and meat-centric menus. enjoy and happy trails!

Ferry Port For Chiloe

We were waved towards the loading ferry. Drove right on. Pay on board. Super easy and quick. Added a photo of the price list.

Cabanas Sol y Luna

very nice couple that let us pull into the back of their property to ready our vehicle for shipping. we rented a room for staging, you will need to rent a room to park here. they gave us a deal since we were not sleeping in the room. It was 30,000 CPL per night. kitchen, living area and two bedrooms, very nice and HOT showers. The owners Elana and Nelson were the sweetest people and their dog Mauta (female) was adorable. even if you are not shipping it's worth a stop. the beach is just down the next road. happy trails!

PS these coordinates are a little south of the property but three or four houses.

Mile Marker 1303 Hidden from road campsite

great camp location by road but well hidden. can hear truck noise but not to busy after dark. the wind was not to strong when we arrived then about 8 really kicked up then subsided about 10. better to sleep here than at the mano where people can see you. many spots to park your rig or set up your tent.

HDI seguros
here is the web site. took a minute to figure out how to navigate. once you are in the form you have to fill out there are two cells that you need to input numbers. we used random numbers and used the same format as the example. I am sure it sounds confusing but you will see when you fill it out. don't bother going to the insurance offices they gave us the web address and sent us on our way. Also fill up with gas before leaving it's a long lonely road. happy trails!

Lider Walmart superstore

saw they sold the vehicle insurance however the attendants selling it only took the Líder Visa credit card for payment. they told us a place to go in the center. got to the store in the center and they don't sell it anymore. you have to buy it online. go to and purchase it there. you might have to make up numbers when filling out the form. we just used the same formula as the examples on the form. good luck. happy trails. oh yeah and this Líder has veggie burgers and veggie hot dogs!

Caleta Camerones Beach

what an amazing location. we wished we had more time to camp here for a few days. when we pulled into the town we missed the turn and asked one of the fishermen and he was so kind and pointed us in the right direction. as we pulled down to the beach a group of guys were hanging out on their front porch and gave big waves and smiles. super nice. make sure you go down the hill at the football field you will see all the camping just below the town. highly recommend. happy trails!

SOAP Insurance

just go to the web site nobody sells it anymore. the form is a little confusing, there are two cells that you have to have numbers for. we ended up making up numbers and input them just like the example formula. sounds weird but it worked. good luck. oh yeah and fill up with gas before leaving Arica, it's a long lonely road. happy trails!

Boca Del Rio Beach Camp

what a great place. feels exposed but the people around were very nice. slept wonderfully. only 1 hour to the Chilean border. happy trails!

Several money exchange kisoks

change your money here. many exchange booths on the pedestrian mall. fair rates

wild camp off near canal

wild camping off the road. these coordinates are for the turn off 37J. turn here and then follow the canal. this is the other end of the road from the wild camping spot just north of here. very nice sleep but high at 15,000 feet. windy in the afternoon but subsided at dark. good break up between Cusco and Arequipa. happy trails!


Fantastic! this was the first restaurant we have tried in Cusco but we were still blow away. we will be back before we leave.


filled our American tank. did not paint. had to wait 20 minutes so they could ask the boss if it was ok. very nice people.

Automotriz diesel Marcahuasi

A large and proper shop. Plenty of space for any size rig. The owner seems to be very knowledgeable and well equipped. He and his team dropped everything and jumped right in on our repairs.

Riverside wildcamp

really great night. very quite down by river. few trucks at night. river is cold but thinking it might be a nice place to take a quick bath during the day it was nice and warm at 2 in the afternoon. night got pretty cold. happy trails!

Wildcamp Flor de Huallhua

great place for the night. very uneven but rocks around. the sunset was amazing. happy trails!

road ends at private gate

do not take this road to Cahuachi, it ends at private property. only 8 kms from the site. there are signs that tell you to go this way as well.

Wild camping site

check out road Waring that I added. seems as if road does not go all the way through anymore. there is a freshly built gate with chain across road. could still camp back in the area.

Seaside camp northern Paracas

I keep laughing at the last check in and I guess you shouldn't camp in March. we had a great night, wind actually picked up after sunset and then really died down around 10 PM. was not that windy at all, very manageable. would only suggest one night as there were quite a few people/locals that came around the next day. we left as we felt too many people saw us. there are reports of robberies south of here. great spot for a night and TOTALLY worth the drive out. there is an obvious road (dirt) to the left off the main road, follow out and then follow your GPS/location until you arrive in area and park anywhere. not very level but some rocks around. happy trails!

gas station

beware of dogs here one of the dogs bit me as I was looking for the Bano.

Lagune Antacocha

Great location right on the lake. 30 minutes on the good dirt road. Just pick a spot and park your rig. There is some good climbing here a short distance from the parking. The climbing routes are long and require at least a 70 meter rope or can even require the use of a double rope. Two ropes here is best. Beautiful views and very quite. Sunday can bring a local family or two, but just for the day. You will be all alone for the night. I have added the climbing route map and rating guide to the pictures, so check the pictures for climbing information. Fairly good Claro reception here.

Calm place near P3EN

we arrived at 3 PM and left at 9 AM. not a soul and really not a sound. it was very peaceful. not visible from highway at all. highly recommend for a break after driving mine road. we have a truck camper (pop up). Happy trails!

Huellas de Dinosaurios

very cool stop. you will see the sign for it on the right however the footprints are on left. plenty of room to park on side of road with a vehicle or big rig. happy trails!

Huellos de dinosaurio

worth the stop, not as cool as the ones prior (if coming from south). happy trails!

Gran Terminal Terestre

This is a great find, close to everything and walking distance to the ruins. We tried to find someone to ask if we could stay the night and no one seemed to be in charge. So we pulled in the left entrance and took the ramp all the way down to the lowest parking. Didn't seem that anyone had used this area in a long time. We pulled around the back side of the building with the red roof. Everything seems to be completely unused. Had a peaceful night without noise from the road. There is plenty of space here for any size rig. Bathrooms in the terminal are 50 centavos but not clean.

Beer container Sierra Andina

stayed two nights whike hiking Laguna 69. great place and awesome views. you can see the park entrance from here. great beer, great company. happy trails!


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