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Viewpoint Parking

We were here on a Saturday night, and even so it was a quiet night. The cops appeared at 10pm, but they said nothing to us -we think it's just their route.
I In the morning we used the bathrooms of the bus station - they were really clean and heated!

Hidden meadow with good wind protection

We stayed here for one night with another 4 RV’s.
Flat areas, wind protection, nice views, peaceful and starry night and 3G Entel coverage. What more will you want for a wild camping?

Lago Posadas - Arco De Piedra

We got here with our Defender, but don’t think you will need 4wd in dry season.
We spent one night on this location, facing the “Arco de Piedra”, and it was a peaceful night, with an espetacular sky and no wind - I think we were lucky about the weather.
No facilities, no cellphone coverage.

Petrol Station Hotel

Well… as told before, avoid this place!
We stopped to have lunch, as it was the only place opened in the “city” and we were hungry. We asked a milanesa with french fries to share, and it costs 1500 pesos - besides the food being very bad, with lots of oil, minutes before we heard the attendant charging another person (a local, maybe) 1000 pesos for the same food with drink. In this way, we were charged more for being foreigners.

El Paredon

The camping was closed because of the low season, but they allowed us to stay here with our rooftent for a couple nights.
They charged us 700pesos per person per night (low season price).
Really good and clean bathroons, hot showers, well equipped kitchen, good wifi, large common area.

El Parador

The best empanadas you will definetly eat!

Laundry Club

280 argentinian pesos/kg - you can put coats and wherever you want, all together.
Not the best service, but ok for the price!

Lake Argentino Free Camp

Peaceful place to spend the night, facing the city ligths at the Argentino lake.
Please, take you trash with you!

YPF - El Calafate

It’s really the best YPF you’ll find in Argentina!
Energy and water for free, big parking lot and shower for 150 pesos/5min.

Grassy spot (close to the ship yard/harbour)

We spent the night here with another 5 RVs, and it was ok.
There were other cars around making loud music, until it was a Saturday night, but nothing that bothered us.
There were many trash around, unfortunately!


They allowed us to fill the water tanks for free. They do not allow people to empty the porta potti at the bathroom.

Parque Nacional Torres del Paine – Welcoming Center parking area

We spend one night here with another 5 RV’s.
No problem at all! We even used the bathroom in the morning and the staff were super friendly.
The view from here is stunning!

Parque Nacional Torres del Paine – Laguna Amarga parking area

We stopped here to spend the night with others RV’s and the Guardaparque said to us it was not allowed to sleep here.
Buuut we had taken a paper in the visitors center, which was showing that this was an area allowed for motorhomes.
So he allowed us to spend one night here, but we would have to leave early in the morning.

YPF Gas Station

We came here To ask for some shower, and they told us that it no longer exist.

Lavandería Hol-Hol

Really good laundry with friendly staff!
12 pieces for 500 pesos - they don’t charge underwears.
Each “campera” (large coats) costs 500 pesos as well - but even then, it was the cheapest option we found in town.

YPF Gas Station

Really good and hot showers for 50 pesos!
Clean bathroons, and friendly staff :)

We slept here for one night, near the “Servicompras” - the area besides the gas station is prohibited to park.

Laguna Verde Camping

Peaceful camping and with amazing views!
We got into the park after 4pm and they didn’t charge us. We slept here just one night.
There are bathroons open 24h, no shower.
No cell phone signal.

Municipal camping Ushuaia

Free camping, with beautiful landscapes! There are bathroons, with no showers - during the week, they let just one cabin open, in the weekends they open one or two more.
Energy just near the bathroons - but pay attention because the energy can shut off when it’s full of RV’s using it.
There are several barbecue spots, and flat areas and it’s really near the National Park entrance.
We stayed here for 3 weeks and it was peaceful (excepting during the weekends) and really safe.
You definetly will get visits from zorros and horses during the night :)
4G Claro coverage.

El Lavadero, self service laundry

Good and cheap self service laundry:
350 little washing machine / 550 big one
350 for drying

We think it’s a really good option!

Río Gallejos - YPF estación de Servicio

We parked behind the gas station with the Trucks.
It was a quiet night, totally protected from the wind.
The showers are only for the truck drivers, but after fuel our tank with gas (70L diesel) they allowed us using the showers.
The Wi-Fi is really good and fast, and the bathroons were always clean.

By the ferry to Tierra del Fuego

Now the ferry costs 5100 pesos per car…..!

New ypf station

Good YPF with a large parking lot not protected by the wind.
Good hot showers for free!
There is a point for eletricity behind the “servicompras”.
Good open Wi-Fi, but you should reconnect every 30 minutes.

YPF Gas Station

Good and large gas station!
Really hot free showers, and clean bathroons.
It’s a little far from the city, but it is In the way of Ushuaia - a perfect option to rest after a long day of aduanas coming from Rio Gallegos.
Reaaaally windy, so be prepared!

Free fast Wi-fi 'WiFiUrbano'

Really good and free Wi-Fi :)
There are some spots were you can park here.

Camping Pescazaike

It’s an old camping, but you will get wind protection, fast Wi-Fi and really hot showers :)
We slept here one night before the way to Rio Grande, and besides it is far from the city, you will get easily the way for the aduana.

YPF Gas Station

Warm and free showers!
Not that clean, but ok!

Bosque Petrificado free

We loved this place :)
Reaaally worth the detour!
The road is very good, we think everyone can get here!

Beach Campsites

A lot of good spots along the “Costanera”.
We arrived In the afternoon and there were many people around, but they left after the sunrise.
Even behind the rocks, really wind at night 😓
Sunrise stunning from the beach - wake up early and don’t miss this spectacle!

Somewhere Nowhere

The name of the place couldn’t be better 😂
It’s really In the middle of nowhere! We stayed here the night before visiting the National Park.
Very peaceful, starry and wind night!
No signal of cellphone, of course!

YPF Eureka

Yes, the showers really worth the stop! 🚿♥️
We stayed here for two nights - the first we stopped close to the bathroons, and the second behind the store, on a parking lot with anothers RV’s.
The Wi-Fi works average, but the Claro signal was ok here. If you fuel gas, you get the showers for free!


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