Global Goulets Check-Ins

Date Place Comment
Overland Service antofagasta

Could not possibly speak more highly of Luis. We limped up to his workshop with very little warning, having nearly destroyed our car on Ruta de las Lagunas. He took us in with a smile and helped us solve all of our problems. He recommended to us and brought us to the best suspension and brakes mechanics in the city, who did excellent work at reasonable prices. Not only did Luis help us solve some problems that have persisted within our car since we bought it, he even explained the issues by drawing everything out on his whiteboard! We stayed at his workshop the whole time and slept there, which had the best wifi we've had since we left the U.S. On our last day with Luis, he even took us to drive our car on sand dunes, which we had no idea was even possible! We are forever indebted to Luis and may not have ever been able to finish our drive to Patagonia without him. Best mechanic in Latin America.

Pedro's House In Zumba

We were on our way to the border with Peru and were looking for a flat ground and safe, potentially free place to stay. We asked a group of men for such a place, when we met an amazing man named Pedro. Pedro led us to his house and let us set up our tent in his backyard, on a makeshift volleyball court. The view was beautiful and so were the stars at night. In the morning, his wife Jesse cut us up some fruit. All totally free!

La Paz ES

The man who worked in the store attached to the gas station, Darwin, was completely welcoming and cool with us setting up our tent behind the building. A quiet night overall, very chilly but totally safe. The store closes at 7:30 and re-opens at 6:30 in the morning.

Campsite Mitad Del Mundo

We pulled up around 8pm and without anyone else in sight, set up our tent. The faint hint of noise was overshadowed by the enchanting glow of a powerful moon, peacefully lulling us to sleep by 9pm. After a marathon 11 hours of sleep, we woke up and packed up our tent with plans to head off to Quito ASAP. Of course, we had to pay for our stay, so we wandered over to the quaint home next door in search of Valentin. Instead, we found an adorable puppy and Valentin's niece Evelyn, who we paid $6 to.

Chimayoy National park

Friendly security guard. Paid 10 mil pesos for entrance for our car, a Toyota Land Cruiser. The 3 of us set up our tent and had no problems at all the whole night. Woke up to a beautiful view of the volcano. Highly recommend this place. We must have come during the offseason because nobody else was here and the restaurant was closed. Clean bathrooms with running water.

Pension Topas

Great quiet camping spot. $4/pp to tent. Beautiful land with a friendly parrot and dog and Tin Tin themed paintings. They have full bathroom with shower, wifi, electricity, kitchen for use, pool. Easy walking distance to town.

Playa Zipolite

Great place to spend a night. We set up our tent right on the beach and had access to good bathrooms. We got here after the restaurant closed but there was another one right across the street. About as good as you're going to get for camping on the beach.

Estacionamiento Centro, Oaxaca

We camped out in this parking lot, which was good considering it's a parking lot. Bathrooms, sparse electricity, and homemade ice cream! It's quiet here and the location is just a few blocks from the city center. The biggest issue is that they lock the gates at 10pm and there's no way in, so you've got to be back by 10.

Morrill RV Park

Great little spot. We set up our tent here for a few days. It's outside of the center of the city, but you stay on a side of the city that is more authentic than the city center. You also get a beautiful view of the city. Showers and bathrooms. Dogs are barking all night long, but it's part of the charm. Owner is very friendly

Cerro de la Bufa, Parkinglot

We asked the policeman if we could sleep in our car (not a camper) in the lot and he said sure. Then, seeing us trying to sleep in our cramped car he actually let us sleep in his quarters. They were VERY tiny, but it was indoors and the three of us could lie down. It was as bare bones as it gets, but it did the job.

Lake Casa Blanca Texas State Park

$10 + $4 per person for overnight camping. RVs and tents. Pretty empty when we visited, and each tent gets plenty of space and a covered picnic table.


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