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Date Place Comment
walmart gibsoston

This place is permanently closed.

Goose Pasture Campground

closed untill Jan 20th 2020 for campground. spent night there no problem. noisy people with quads late

Walmart parking

no prohibition posted. good for a night! get in and buy something

boat ramp by battleship memorial park

just a boat ramp, by water (!), no one bothered me for the night

Dauphin Island

spent last night here. lots of people pulling off here.

Lizard Road

gorgeous sunset. nice place for a night!

Merrigans Arizona Road-Runner RV

nice mon and pop shop. friendly people. keep them open buy something

rest area

water in bathrooms, no overnight prohibition. seems quiet. have been here daytime

Pullout on rt71

nice spot to spend the night. Truck traffic, but very low. easy sleep

Alamo Rd wild camping (close to wildlife refuge)

far enough from the highway, terrific view, no one around in sight

on the roads to Big Sand dune

spot in the desert! didnt get bothered, someone could probably spend a lot of time here.

Minidoka Wildlife Refuge Boat Ramp - Snake River

spent sunday night no issue. beautiful site

Free dump and water

as described. works like a charm. on an open street 24 hrs

Walmart Ogallala, NE 69153

walmart truck parking. no overnight prohibition posted. dusty but free. go in, drop a deuce, buy something, and enjoy the free night

Hobo Hot Springs (& Showers by Donation) Saratoga

very nice and all. no rv allowed on parking. Nice view getting there but no cigar at the end.

walmart Sylacauga 35150

wlamart parking. Inexistant no overnight signs. Few semis on site

Walmart Cullman, Al 35055

walmart parking lot, no prohibition signs for overnight parking. Restaurants around. please buy something if you stay here for a night

Walmart Wauchula 33873

walmart parking lot without overnight parking prohibition posts

Walmart Arcadia

no prohobition posted on overnight parking. couple restaurants around.

Forest Road 344

half an hour away from down town tallahassee. very nice spot, music blasting from far redneck disco still untill 21:00 but it stopped. few quads went by


nice place to sleep. if you park by the bus stop, you will hear the schedule go on and on. had 4 nights here in the last 3 weeks. Get there, buy something, and enjoy the night

rest area

bathrooms. by the highway. very noce and clean. pop machines, coffee during the day

Morrison Springs Park

no problem sleeping the night there. very clean

Goose Pasture Campground

closed. also road not low vehicule friendly

Goose Pasture Campground

closed due to wet conditions and vandalism. also not very nice road to get there. coordinates are wrong, when you see the shot at sign, keep going about a mile straight

walmart jupiter

5 am.knock knock from the fuzz. dont shop at this location anymore please

walmart jupiter

get in, MAKE A PURCHASE, get out and enjoy your free parking tonight

Stuart Beach Park

wow.. hard to ask for more! Very nice! beats walmart anyday


have not seen any signs that wont allow overnight parking. the other 3 walmarts in the area wont allow it

parking stop on the highway

you can stop and rest in your vehicule there. No services. I would not pish my luck and install a tent here.


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