spammelots Check-Ins

Date Place Comment
Parking near the lake

Public parking lot near the lake and near a football field. Stayed here a couple nights while in Ohrid. Medium sized lot with space for multiple campers. fairly quiet without a lot of traffic. a few other campers stayed as well.

Camping Dias

decent campground on the beach. 22 euros per night, a little more if you are on the beach. we were able to get our 8.2 meter motorhome on, but just barely. full amenities, friendly staff, and lots of trees and shade. Mostly tents, but some campers and an occasional motorhome.

Spring Creek Park

beautiful park with hookups. call (832) 296-3066 to make reservations before you go.

Home Depot

although we stayed down the road a bit at Wal-Mart last night, we stopped at Home Depot and saw that 3 motor homes had stayed here and one even had their slides out, so it seems that they don't mind overnight parking

Emma Long Metropolitan Park, Austin

nice campground with powered or unpowered sites. Lots of pecan trees that you can gather nuts in November. very quiet and the river is so calm it seems more like a lake. We stayed for a week and really enjoyed it.

Wallmart quiet

we were told by more than one person that this isn't a safe area at night. we have dogs (one a pit bull) so we decided to stay anyways. we asked permission at the Wal-Mart and gave the security guard a tip. I don't recommend, but it will work in a pinch.

Parking around empty blocks

This is an area with a few empty blocks where people can park on the street. Sometimes truckers park here, and there is a lot of space. No services of any sort, but you can park for free and it's not a long walk to centro. Nothing special about it, but you aren't likely to be bothered even if you park here for a few days.

Sandaval Home

Tequila is one of the safest places you'll visit in Mexico. You can park almost anywhere safely. However, if you want an experience to remember and a family that will help you experience Tequila as a local, THIS is the place to park in Tequila.

The family here has invited us to parties, to the local cantaritos bar, taken us to see the waterfalls, mountains, the town, camping, and more. They have made us feel like a real part of their family. Tequila has been hands down one of the best experiences in our year of travel so far and helped us to completely lose our fear of Mexico. They speak some english and have a daughter that is nearly fluent, so you can be comfortable here no matter your level of spanish.

They have decided to allow visitors to park at their place here for 100 pesos. They have electricity and wifi as well for an additional 50 pesos each if you want them. They have a large courtyard with about 8 tables and places you could hang a hammock and just hang out. They have a toilet in the courtyard area and showers in the home if you need. For a very reasonable price they will take you to any of the local areas you want to visit, show you around Tequila, and even teach you the differences in various tequilas.

Be warned that you will probably stay longer than you intend to. We stopped for what we thought would be one day and ended up staying for 2 months, then returning on our way back for another couple months.

PLEASE! Respect these people, their home, and neighbors and clean up after yourselves. This is literally like putting my own parents home on iOverlander. This is a unique opportunity to get to know Mexico that you won't likely find anywhere else, but be respectful of the family and the neighbors so others can enjoy this chance as well. They have enough space for 2 or 3 rigs at once, but that is all. Ask for Cruz.

Al's Auto Service

On our way back north, we stopped in again to get some repairs done. My alternator went out and I was stranded near Mind the Gap at the beach. Al brought his mechanic over an hour from Managua, pulled the alternator, got it repaired, brought it back to us and repaired it there. We then followed him back to the shop where they fixed a few other issues and did a complete preventative check on the entire thing for free. He let us stay parked at his shop for free while repairs were being done and let his security guy know to let us in and out as we needed.
Al is really a great guy. He treated us fairly and went above and beyond at every step. His mechanics do an exceptional job and don't cut corners. When they repaired a storage box under the RV that got ripped out in an earlier incident, his guy made sure to put foam around the propane lines that were nearby so there was no chance of friction wearing a hole in the propane line. Exceptional work at a very good price.


stopped because i needed internet to work for a few hours. my entire family ordered food, but they were reluctant to let me use internet and wouldn't let me plug in my laptop. didn't feel at all welcomed. did not recommend.

Al's Auto Service

We were referred by Diego at Mind the Gap Nicaragia to Al for some tires. Al was great about getting us tires, helping us get a jack, and he even let us park in his lot over the weekend while we waited to get the tires on Monday. Good prices and he speaks English (He's from Georgia. i highly recommend him. full service mechanic.

Paseo Real Mall

This place is permanently closed.

Paseo Real Mall

we asked a guard at the Pizza hut if it was ok to park for the night and he said it was ok, but we were woken up at 3:30AM by other guards. they did let us stay and i gave them a copy of my drivers license and let them copy down my license plate, but i did get the very clear feeling that it's not something they want to make a regular thing. the town is safe enough to park most anywhere on streets, but regular parking by iOverlanders in this mall does not seem to be appreciated.

Al Cielo

beautiful place not far from the beach. the pictures don't do it justice as it's the end of the dry season. They have enough space for even the largest rigs and a large number of them. The food is incredible and the service great. The owners know a guy that can take you out fishing is you want as well. Very safe and very friendly. they have washers, bathrooms, showers, pool, cabanas, hammocks and more. Internet is decent and has a long range, but can be a little slow if many people are using it. i was able to work over VPN without much trouble. One of the nicest places we have stayed in all of Central America. Highly recommend

Behind Restaurant

Do not recommend. as a previous poster said, he wanted $30/ night unto we showed him that other places charge $7-10. music was the loudest we have experienced with huge speakers that could be heard from over a mile away. Very little selection for food and the owner isn't very polite. Near closing time we asked for one last beer that we said we would bring back to the campers, but he refused. The beach isn't swim friendly and there are a crazy amount of mosquitos. We only stayed one night before going to Al Cielo for the rest of the week, which was a much better place. this is one of the worst places we have been to in Central America. The crowd that hangs out at the bar at night is sketchy. only good thing was the food and beer prices were reasonable.

José Gustavo Velasquez

Fantastic mechanic. we had carburator problems, brakes that started on fire, and then i killed the starter. he spent a night, the next full day, and a morning replacing everything and was extremely cheap on his labor. very honest and i highly recommend. he's worth going out of your way if you need any repairs.

Impact Hub

excellent place to work from. Good Internet, great environment. at 80 Qs/day it's a little expensive compared to Internet cafes, but they offer much more and have a place more conducive to getting things done. i highly recommend. you can get a free day as mentioned earlier.

Trailer Park Teotihuacan

nice grassy park. They only have regular 20 amp plugs for power, and the wifi isn't that good, but the owner is a very nice and friendly person that speaks English well enough. nice neighborhood that has a decent restaurant (the weekend buffet isn't bad for 100 pesos and they have live music)


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