Diana Check-Ins

Date Place Comment
Empty lot mext to Pemex

large open empty lot next to Pemex station. Good cafe across the street, Leys grocer down the road. We overnighted here in a 34ft motorhome towing a jeep. Road noise and a rest stop for truck drivers. we stayed over night as we dropped off our laundry. we needed rabies and 7 way vaccination boosters for our dogs, and grocery shopping. This was a great convenient stopover to accomplish many tasks from one location.

Punta Chivato

This place is permanently closed.


Fabulous hamburgers with a nice selection of flavors and toppings. Some burgers feature Mexican based flavors and some feature Ethiopian flavors with a couple of American like the Hawaiian burger (my favorite) and the New York hot dog. They use a high quality ground beef that is ground especially for them and the hotdogs are all meat. They brew their own beer! Cerveza Artesanal Birrabet some of the flavors of the beer are based on Ethiopian spices just try them. My favorite is Koot. A bonus is we street camped on HIelo a side block of Kebere. You will be greeted with a huge smile! Tell them Diana and Mike say hello.


This restaurant is clean, the staff are clean and the food is amazing. We did not have time to try every single thing on the menu but we gave it a good try. The hamburgers and hotdogs will not disappoint. The hand crafted beer is wonderful and the people that work here are all heart. My favorite burger is the Hawaiian but every one that we tried we loved. We street camped next door with no issues. One of the more quiet places we have camped even though it is in the heart of SLP.

Trailer Park Teotihuacan

It would be really helpful if to post the size of your rig in review. We have a 38 ft rv and they are charging 360pesos per night and we do not need electricity as we have a great solar set up. If you are heading South on the road to the park and are in a big rig you will have to make a u-turn to come in form the other direction. We find this rate to be to high for what is provided. It is a very noisy street that sits one and there is not getting away from the street noise.

Trailer Park Hotel

We have not found another place to put a big rig. This place is convenient to everything you want or need. They charged us 100 pesos a person per day for full hookups. There are not hookups but there is one outlet for one cord. You can dump in the open sewer and fill with a hose. This is a place where the tourist and commercial buses rest nightly. They will open up one bus and blare the music on a Monday night (not a holiday) until midnight or later. Not every night but often enough. Also there is a group of locals that meet here in their cars and park in the back of the lot and blare their music and light fireworks. Earplugs needed here. We think the price is high for what you receive but we have not found a another place yet that will hold our big rig. We have not used the shower here. This place is for sale and we think it might be sold as we saw contracts being signed and the surveyors came...but maybe not.


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