Coyotetooth Check-Ins

Date Place Comment
Public restrooms - showers shut down

Pulled in here to do laundry next door.
Didn’t actually use the showers, but I poked around inside and the place was clean

Fred Meyer

Fred Myer store
I was on my way out of town after not having much luck when I spotted a few RVs set up for the night here. Stayed til 8, no problems.

Pull off below the road

Didn’t stay because there were other people here but it looks like a nice spot so I wanted to save it for next time.
Short road to flat area below the highway
Didn’t see any signs saying no camping

Arcata Community Centre

Came to town with the intention of staying a weekend and have now been here almost two weeks after picking up some work. Stayed here every night. Feel very safe, sleep well, plenty of trash cans and bathrooms. Lots of locals stay here as well as other travelers. Keep it clean and be respectful!

pena jesso vet hospital

Cannot say enough good things about this vet! Definitely would come back next time I’m here. Helped our little rescue get ready for the boarder.

Buenaventura Resort & Restaurant Bar

Really beautiful beach with great swimming and warm water. The owners were friendly and the permanent residents seemed to keep to themselves. They have really good food at the restaurant and fresh fish dishes.
There is a house for rent and rooms for rent in addition to camping. We opted for the hotel room for $50 usd but probably wouldn’t do it again.
The room was nice but the plumbing didn’t work correctly and we ended up having to use our own water to flush and wash. My partner is a contractor and offered to help fix the problem but was quickly dismissed by the maintenance man.
The electric went out in the middle of the night and didn’t come back on.
I was happy to have a break from the van so I didn’t mind really but the price was a steep for faulty amenities.
Almost everyone is an American.
They have several loose dogs on the property and one is very dominant and vocal so be aware with your pups.
She was sweet with us and our older male dog though.

Bottom of Bahía Concepción

Really nice, entrance is as described it we made it down fine, just go slow.
Lots of crabs and sting rays so watch your feet and your pups.
Not much trash. No one bothered us but cows and horses.
Lots of spots to stay, we didn’t stay at the actual marked spot.

Bottom of Bahía Concepción

Update: WILD DOGS or boar. Or both. Not sure which, it was dark and we had to scramble into the van with our dogs and use the air horn to get whatever it was to stop coming at us. Scary. Be careful!

My secret spot close to Loreto

Stayed at the palapas our second night instead of the marked spot because the dirt at the coordinates is kinda intense with our dogs.
In the morning two women came buy asking for money. I pretended Not to know what they wanted and kept saying no. They left after a few minutes.
There’s a lot of trash at the palapas. Not a place I’d spend the day but we cleaned our space and it was a nice spot for the night. No one else around but people were on their morning walks around 7, hence the women trying to get money from us.
Get to the beach no problem in a 2wd
Just be careful which palapa you park under. The sand is packed on some and loose on others.

My secret spot close to Loreto

Stayed here after the police cleared out seemingly all of the free spots to overnight in town
Had a few people drive by but no one stopped
So far so good tonight

Scenic spot

Stayed here in 2019 with no problems but today around 730 the cops had us and two other cars clear the spot after they cleared punta bella
I believe it’s related to covid but I didn’t ask. This is the third spot today we’ve seen the cops clear out in the evening. Other reviews suggest it’s covid precautions as well so I’m hopeful these spots will be open again eventually. But for now it seems RV parks or hotels are all thats available around loreto.

Juncalito Beach

Ran into what seems to be a temporary restricted access and no camping sign plus a pair of cops kicking everyone out around 6pm
I’m assuming it’s covid related but I didn’t ask.

Rocks and Bones Beach

Missed the turn for Playa E. But followed another van down a road a few miles past the check point. 2wd easy but not in all places.
Lots of options for camp spots. Beach was littered with bones of seals and whales and fish.Weren’t bothered at all. Rocky beach surrounded by Joshua trees.

Crystal Forest Campground

No vans!!!
Could not stay here in my van.

Rancho la Barca

Our car couldn’t make it to the hot springs because of the river running through the road so we stopped here instead. Super sweet people who run it! They have a little shop with basics. They were out of milk and the wife brought me milk from their house. Good for dogs, we stayed one night for 10 pesos

El Chorro

Easy road
Stayed for two nights and three days for 50 pesos each, only had to pay once. Super nice guy who sells honey at the front gate.
Two warm springs with little fishes and a cooler bigger spring, plus three small hot pools that can fit about two people each. Also a larger pool below the wall for swimming. Limited campsites, dogs okay but not in the water. Had no issues getting a taller rig in.
Toilet is missing the door.


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