partiudivan Check-Ins

Date Place Comment

Amazing shower to keep traveling
we had to stop here again
fill the tank and get clean

Rio Uruguai "beach"

Large area next to Rio Uruguay. There's too many spots to parking, might be possible to set your tent.
very busy around sunset, but quiet night.
really hot in summer days.
few tables around and I saw a DIY barbecue grill.

Auto Elétrica Pelizzaro

Services such as welding, mechanics, electrical, for cars and trucks.
We had a problem in the alternator, coming back from Argentina. They saved us! Brand new alternator and service to exchange.
Highly recommend!!!

GNC station

we just ask for water and they let us fill the water tank, no fee charged.
they also have a beautiful rest area.
you can do some barbecue as well.

Fusión Peruana

if you want to taste a different culinary culture, come to this place. they cook a wonderful food, with passion. we felt really welcome!!!

in front of a residential building

we stopped by to take a rest.
really quiet place.

COPEC gas station

there's a water tap next to the place where the trucks fill up their fuel tanks.
we ask and they let us get some water.

Mirador Contao

didn't find this place. just a fenced field.
maybe no longer available... =/

RUTA 7 - under construction

depending on the time you choose to cross this part, you'll wait a long period.

Mirador Marchant

beautiful view of Coyhaique City.
we stop by to enjoy the view and cook some lunch.
I don't know if it's possible overnight.

Camping Casa Del piedra

we stopped by to take shower and have lunch. it's look like really good to overnight and spend more time. unfortunately we didn't have time available...


we overnight here once.
really good spot.
we parked in front of a church.
quiet and safe at night.

Cerveceria Awka

Artisanal beer of El Bolson
very good place. you can go to the restaurant or behind it, just to buy and fill a growler.
good and cheap.


free water near by the Park
YPF doesn't give it
do it here

Rio Azul

Beautiful and quiet place to spend days...
Blue River with the view of the mountains and the sound of birds all day long...
we could live here for months.
4G Claro works, if you need internet connection.

Plaza San Martín, Esquel

Safe place to spend the night.
There's parking lots all around the square.
We didn't use power.
if you have solar panels, there's some lots with less trees.
no one bothered us.


be careful. slow down.
we almost broke up here.

YPF - Estacion de Servicio

This place is in wrong location - it is located at -46.58432, -70.92121

Bajo Caracoles - Hostel y gasolinera

This place is in wrong location - it is located at -47.44438, -70.92624


very good service.
we got the clothes cleaned in 4 hours.

YPF - Estacion de Servicio

the location has been changed.
still a very good spot to stop.
we didn't use amenities.

Bajo Caracoles - Hostel y gasolinera

I wasn't able to find this place.

Road Sign: Do Not pass through by rain

skip this road
take RP27 + RP288 from Gobernador Gregores to Tres Lagos to escape 75km of ripio. all paved!!!
we lost one tire and drove until El Calafate without step.

hostel ruta 40

we came here to take a shower.
the guy changed us 200 pesos argentinos pp. too expensive and the shower was dirty.
So, we went to the Hotel Bajo Caracoles and they charged us 100 pesos argentinos pp.

Petrol Station Hotel

we asked for shower in Hotel Bajo Caracoles and the guy charged us 100 pesos argentinos pp. good for travelers!!!

Ruta to escape RIPIO of RUTA40 (RP27 + RP288)

take this road from Gobernador Gregores to Tres Lagos to escape 75km of ripio. all paved!!!

Skip 75km RIPIO of Ruta 40 (RP 27 + RP288)

take this road from Gobernador Gregores to Tres Lagos to escape 75km of ripio. all paved!!!

Bajo Caracoles - Hostel y gasolinera

wrong location, but I tried make it right.
hot shower for 100 pesos argentinos.
very nice people.
hotel, restaurant and gas station.

Truck Stop

good Wi-Fi at a truck spot.
we didn't overnight.

Vialidad Provincial

great Wi-Fi spot.
we had an emergency and it saved us.


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