Robert Zimmerman Check-Ins

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Hogar Infantil

The kids that live here play in the sun, chase the goats around and sitting here right now, they're all playing a bed time game. If you stay here for free like we did, it's hard to imagine not making a donation at their site.

Minor correction to earlier posts, Hogar Infantil is not a school, but a children's home. The younger children are bused to school in Ocozocoatla and the older children generally attend university in the nearby state capital of Tuxtla Gutierrez.

If you use TELCEL for data while traveling, the connection here is fairly good...sometimes.

Although the available baño for camping is somewhat scary, if you ask the camp directors they'll be happy to show you to the facilities within the main hall.

Maya Campestre

Not sure how long this will last, but we camped for free in back of the restaurant. Stayed for breakfast and they brought it right out to our Vanagon! Great place, on the lake, with peacocks, a few chickens and one heck of a view. At mile kilometer marker 52 right on 186.

La Jungla, Catemaco

The road into La Jungla is really rough, so not recommended for bigger rigs. Our Vanagon made it in with little trouble.

Your host here, Antonio, will let you park on his spacious and beautiful grounds where ever you like. He's also got good working English skills if your español is not so bueno. He also has some cervazas and cigaros for sale if you run out. Speaking of running out of crucial supplies, if you're running low on water ask Antonio if you can tap his crystal clear spring.

Beautiful and magical spot.


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