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Rancho San Nicolas


We have been at this place almost 4 months in self-isolation. It is a good place, but news just came today that the owner has had serious Coronavirus issues for 3 weeks already (using an oxygen tank to breathe) and never told anyone (probably for business reasons). And because of the family and employees coming and going into and out of this campsite and using the bathroom and common room facilities, we are sure there is Coronavirus here now too. And we may all be infected here. Please believe us when we say, we are not over exaggerating.

The owner knowingly let their small child play with an overlander’s child in this campground for multiple days. Campsite employees were told not to mention the owner’s Coronavirus or risk losing their jobs.

So we have to say the ownership here is very unethical. They also refused to pay the money back to one of the couples who wanted to leave early and told the overlanding couple to “f*** off.”

This is not the kind of establishment overlanders should support.

We will leave soon because of this, too.

Overlander Beach Campsite “Don Taco”.

Wonderful place by the beach. Facilities are clean, wifi, and the large palapas are great to sit under during the heat of the day.

Frans, the owner, took me to the nearby clinic when I had a minor issue with my ear. He’ll do anything to make sure you’re having a great time. They also rent snorkels and boat trips, all at reasonable rates.

The coral reefs here are superb.

Stay here.

Malintzi Centro Vacacional

Pretty nice area. 80 pesos/person and includes clean bathrooms and a hot shower. Worth it if you plan to climb La Malinche.

When I arrived, they closed off the campsite area and I parked at the bottom of the grounds at a large parking lot. It looks flatter down here, but the bathrooms are back up the hill near the entrance.

Really friendly dogs. One of them even accompanied me up to the summit of La Malinche.

Summit of Malinche Volcano

Really awesome hike and a worthwhile effort to get to the summit. Great views of Puebla, Tlaxcala, and the Popo and Ixta volcanos.

I powered it up to the top in 3 hours, but I had already slept 3 nights above 3,000m. I would give at least 4-5 hours to the top and another 2.5 hours down.

La Venta, villa ecoturistica

This place truly is awesome, tranquil, and a good place to rest (especially after the terrible dirty road).

Cost is 60 pesos/person (10p entrance fee and 50p per person to sleep). It’s a steal.

The parking lot facing the lake has three levels, I parked on the highest level. Really quiet and close to the pathway leading 20 meters up to get good views of the Volcano. Clean bathrooms.

If you come here, please consider to support this place and future overlanders by patroning the restaurant or the other services they offer. 60 pesos/person is not that much, it’s really just the “get-in” price. Get a beer or a coke, at least. Thanks!

Campo Escola Meztitla - Scouts of México

Really excellent place. Super clean bathrooms, hot showers that last more than 3 minutes, and water (although not near parking area).

It is now 190 pesos/person, which is quite high. But it’s really easy to relax here, with lots of shade and quiet (if not on the weekend).

However, I wouldn’t come here if you are much bigger than a sprinter van. The roads to get here through the town are quite narrow and low hanging branches.

30 minute walk to town.

Estacionamento publico

180 pesos for 24 hours. There’s a toilet, but no other amenities. But very central location.

However, I would highly suggest anyone bigger than a sprinter van to not stay here. The parking spaces are short and very low hanging branches everywhere. Hard to maneuver around.

Try not to come here on Friday night, Saturday, Sunday. There are too many other cars parked here.

Parking lots in Chapultepec

The price is now 160 pesos per night, instead of the original 80. They updated the price sign at the entrance, so it is official.

Still a great place to stay. Bathrooms, 24 hour security, central location.

Pepe's RV Park

It is an ok place. The price is 300 pesos for the night.

In order to take a hot shower, you need to ask for the key to one of the rooms. They gave us the key for room #4.

Don’t give your money to the guy working the grounds, he’s friendly but useless and can’t give you change or the shower key. Go to the office and register with the women.

The place isn’t anything special. We only stayed one night.

Hotel Hacienda Xico Inn

We paid 250 pesos for the two of us. Really awesome place. Quiet, tranquil. Electricity sockets if you Park in the right place near the back gate. 3 minute hot water shower. And very professional and friendly staff.


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