bybych Check-Ins

Date Place Comment
Next to the lighthouse

Quite a lot of traffic there with people coming, parking for a while, staying in their car and them leaving.
Feels like it's the place where people hookup in their cars...
Apart from that, sunrise was really nice. Breezy all day which is nice, but the whole RV needs a shower to clean the salt away.

Easy to reach and free.
Police patrol every hour or so.

Rio Hondo

This place is bliss. The owner of the small cantina is super nice.
I parked on the grass, in the shade of the trees, next to horses eating their grass, 5 meters from the clear fresh water of the river.
Amazing, quiet and welcoming. Probably busier on weekends, there was only one group of locals on one of the pontoons when I was there. Parking and night for free.

Public Parking See View.

No amenities. Just a nicely located public parking lot. My 9m long rv fits there, taking 3 spots. I have been there 2 nights and noone else has parked there yet, day or night.
Nice restaurants on the neighboring beach. Cool sunrises.
Feels really safe.

Yax Ha Resort

Gorgeous, clean, super safe and comfy.

El Abuelo

Parking lot rv friendly. Good for long rv.
If this one is full, every road in this village ends up facing the lagoon with nice wide areas where you can park for a few nights.

Balneario Ejidal Buenavista

Very charming and relaxed place. Nice staff.
Price was too high for me: 250mxn for the rv.
im alone and have toilets and shower onboard.
If you only need a place to park like me, I recommend parking in the street right above, in front of the church, for free, and paying 30mxn to access the campground facilities...


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