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Camping Ecologico de Itapua

It is a really bad Place! Here is nothing, only Trash!
Not to recommend

Hostel Natura

It is a very good Place to relaxe! Beautiful and quiet. There are Hammocks and a Pond for fishing, a fast Internet, hot Showers and Grillplaces. The Owner speaks English and is very helpful! We love this Place.

Aera de Dascanso Itahue (southbound)

It is a big Recreation with clean Restrooms and Showers with hot Water. We parkt behind the Bilding by the Bus Places. There is it not so loud from the Highway. It's a good Place for one Night

Taltal Rivera de Playa

A nice Place on the Beach. There is a Camping Ära, but it is only for Tents. We was standing on the right side of the Beach on the Rad. It's a good Place for more as one Day.

Proyecto Caraya

It is a wonderful Place to see a lot of Monkeys. It is a Project to save the Monkeys in Argentina and bring they back in the Wilderness.

Camping Muncipal Balde

It is a smal Campground by a Termalbath. you had Grillplaces and Tables and a lot Shadow under Trees. The Showers are clean and warm. Also the Bath. We paid for the Night 100 Pesos incl. elektric.

Camping Muncipal

It is a nice Campground with Grillplaces and Shadow Place, possible for Big Rigs. A quiete Place for the Night. On the Playground are the Kids from the Village, but after Sunset we was alone.

Termas de Caimancito

It is a very Place to relaxe for a few Days

Emilio Lopez's House

Emilio Lopez and his Wife are very friendly Owner. There is Place for max . 2 Big Rigs. The Showers are clean, and very hot. Emilio was gone with us a one Day Tour in the Salar. It was a easy Trip, with a good Lunch on the Island. He He made also 3 Days in the Salar. On this Time your Car can stay by his House. It's very recommend.

La Maison Suisse

The Best on this Place is, he is near the Airport! We paid for 2 Nights 20 USD. That is absolutly to much! The Bathroom and the Showers are extremly dirty. The Internet worked most of the time not!

Municipal parking lot on the beach

It is a very good Surfspot. But you had to move 12 km Gravelroad by Oilpumps and Pipelines to the Beach. There are here Small Hostels and Restaurants.

Bosque petrificado de Puyango - Parking lot

We can park overnight on the Parking Lot by the Enter to the Petrified Forest. There is a Toilet open 24h. It's Place for max. 2 Big Rigs.

Restaurante parrilla del campo

It is a very friendly Owner. We could stay behind the Restaurant and take a Shower in a Hotelroom for free! Befor we take a very good Diner in the Restaurant.

Hato Chips

It is a Restaurant and Shop with Cheese and Joghurts,with a big Parking Lot. We ask if we can stay overnight. No Problem, in the Night patrols the Police. It is a good Place on the Highway 45a on the Way to Bogota. The Restrooms are clean, and open the Night.

Mi Refugio

It is a good Place for visiting Villa Leyva.


A good Place for one Night on the Way to Tunja. On the end from the Town between Gasstation and Hotel. We had ask in the Hotel. They said us. It's no Problem for one Night. It is a big Parking Lot, also for Big Rigs.

Camping Fogata

It is a very nice Place to relaxe for a few days. The Owner are very helpful, the Wifi is good and it is quite at night.


We had a problem, the Servo Pump was broken. A new is for our old Citroen not to get. But they have the old reconstruct. Also was the drive shaft lud, Victor has found a new in Brasil and imported. That all to a very fair Price. Also He let us stay for 3 nights here, we can take Shower and Bathroom. In this Company is working his Family. they was all very friendly and helpful. Highly recommended!

Swiss Palmgarden

It is a very nice and secure Place with friendly Owner. We can use the Pool and the Garden. The two Dogs watch for us! There are Hot Showers and a Summerkitchen. Also we had a good Internet, elektric and Water. A good Place to relaxe!

Plaza del Café

It is a very nice Coffee and Restaurant on the Northsite from the Lake Arenal. It's direkt on the Crossing Road 142 to 927. We ask in the Restaurant, they calls the Owner, who said that we can in the Back from the Parking stay overnight. The People was very friendly, so we bought Coffee. There is in the Back a Coffee Roasters. The Overnight Parking was free.

Taller Lisardo Mazatiegos

It is a very good and correctly Auto mechanic. We had a broken cylinder head and need new auto parts from Europa. So we must wait 4 weeks for the new parts. In this Time we could stay by the Company and became elektric and Water from Lisardo. He is very friendly and corretly. We can his Company realy recommend.

Maya Bell Campground

very nice Place here. We stayed three days


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