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Date Place Comment
Panama Pacifico Ville Fantôme

this road is closes but you can find find easily an other place in this area

in the cloud forest

just à little place to spend the night if you plan to go hike in the Santa Elena réserve
not really flat but you can manage with some staff ( i cant find thé word in english)
possible to stay from 4.30pm to 8 am ... the rest of Time it s Shuttle place for the zipline from thé selvatura Park
we ve been here with our RV

Santa Elena cloud forest reserve

we asked to sleep here but was not possible.
anyway the reserve is a really good alternative for the private; crowded and expensive Monteverde NP
we paid 8800 colones for an adult and 3850 for children from 8 to 12
there is 4 différent trails
less people = more chance to see wildlife

Plage De Dangriga

quiet spot... front of the sea and near à playground

Jungle Huts

looks like closed....nobody here and seems abandonned

scarlet macaws bed and breakfast

we Book a tour to see macaws and other birds here. was 40 bz for us 5 and 10 bz to sleep in our RV (they have rooms too)
the family who runs the place is really nice and helpfull
you can also refill your water tank

Old Belize Marina / Cucumber Beach

same as descriebed : 17 bz, hot shower, good wifi , self laundry and very quiet

Lamanai Ruinen - NO CAMPING

really beautifuul ruins. you have to go early because of cruise boat tours
children under 5 pay the same price than adults 10 dollars belize

Campspot near Lamanai Ruins

as everybody said a really peacefull spot near the river
lot of howler monkeys and birds
been here xith our rv and no problem xuth the road

shell gaz station

you can refill your water tank for free here


at the pemex you can ask to refill your tank
and you have also a 24 hours distributeur of potable water 12p for 20l

camping in front of the tortugas

a little camping directly on one of the most beautifull beach in mahahual
you can go swim with turtle directly on the spot we ve seen a lot
we didnt found a better spot to stay and enjoy the beach
the price is 150 pesos per vehicules fir 1 night but you can talk with the owner

another beach possibility

just a place to park on the side of the road ... a little bit noisy because of the have to take a little trail (maybe 70 m) and you are alone on a beautifull beach
we stopped here because the road was very difficult ... full of big holes

Informal camp on Akumal center

we arrived late maybe 6 pm and a boy ask us for 50 p to park here... we payed him
at the morning someone come to ask us 100 p more he said the boy doesnt work here !! as we try to talk he finally ask us 300 p !!!
so be carrefull with the price...
anyway it is a good place to stay nice and safe ... really close to the beach (crowed... but beautifull)
the guides at the entrace said guide is an obligation ... its not true
you can go in the area by yourself
for the lifejacket we met people without and no problem for them
we prefered took one (100 p for 1 for adult 50 p for children) because it was more confortable to stay a long time in the water
we saw turtles raya big barracudas and a lot of fishes
was really nice even if it was an expensive parking experience for us

Street parking next to ex convento

really quiet night
at 8.30 pm videomapping on the wall of the convento
explain the history of the city really interesting

Street parking next to ex convento

really quiet and beautifull place.
at 8.30 PM there is a projection of à short moovie on the wall of thé convention "noches de Valladolid" it s thé story of thé city... really interesting

cenote la noria

beautifull but expensive cenote
200 pp for adult and 100 pp for children ( after talking we didnt pay for children(
you can stay overnight for 100 pp
didnt sleep here too expensive for us but the place is really nice and quiet

Isla Blanca NOT FREE

very beautifull place
you can swim in a beautifull blue sea and at the other side you can surfkiting in the laggoon
235 pesos for 1 vehicule (200 for the night and 35 for day)

24 /24h propano

a saturday night at 23h our propane botella was empty... and we really want to moove at isla blanca for few days for new eve ... we found this place they saud open all the times

Playa Langosta

the guardians dont let us sleep here... said it s not possible to park here after 23h ... they was really friendly and sorry for us but they said it s not allowed

Public Beach

very dirt and narrow road to get there
not possible for us with a rv
we ve been to check by walk and we didnt see enough place to stay
beach with rocks

Public Beach Puerto Morelos

good and quiet street in front of beach
just a street oarking but the best option in puerto morelos
wifi condo f works but not really well


very dirt and narrow road to get there
not possible for us with a rv
we ve been to check by walk and we didnt see enough place to stay
beach with rocks

free beach spot

another free beach spot.
really quiet
you can park on the sand so directly on the beach

The water house

update the gps location wich was not correct

Cenote Kankirixche

beautifull cenote we were alone at the morning and after 4.30 pm ...
really quiet night
we paid 80 p for 2 adults and 3 children for swim for one day and was free for stay at night but if we decided to swim the next day we had to pay another entrance ... but early in the lorning nobody here

free parking in town

just a parking at the zocalo
noisy at the morning but feel really safe and people around friendly

Calakmul ruins

wonderfull ruins with a wonderfull wild life

Parking lot Cakamul museum

finally after long discussion we were allowed to sleep here. we have to buy 4 tickets instead of the 2 necessary... so the night was 128 pesos
we think this guy is maybe a friend of a taxi man who try to sell us 900 pesos the ride twice in the day ( once at the entry and 1 hour later at the museum. ..) maybe uts why he didnt want us to pass... and to sleep... really dont know
but the fact is you have to go to the ruins its just amazing

2nd entrance calakmul

at first guard sayd we are not allowed to pass with our rv (3,4m hight too much) but an other said its possible
after a long discution and after asking his boss he let us pass telling if we had problem we had to go out by ourself ( thats ok for us )
finally the road is paved one and in a good state
we had to cut some pieces of wood (the guard said we can) but just 3 or 4 times and it was fun 😁
a bit long : 2h30 for the 40 kms but was amasing adventure


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