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Magic Paradise

$150 pesos per person to camp in tent city but it was the only place available in the area. very little kitchen ware and quite messy
yupies and hippies everywhere 😝
water is very scarce in this area so there's a bucket to wash dishes, however I can't believe they've got a flushing toilet tho having compost toilets now a days...
Pet friendly campsite and beach


hostal shalom

backpackers hostel, nice vibe but messy, you can park any rig side in the street and use the facilities in the day, pet friendly.
not for vanilla travelers
$80 to pitch your tent
always looking for volunteers...


this is the perfect place to try traditional oaxaca food, beyond tacos and quesadillas, this place sells real soul food.
really cheap too

porkys carnitas

if you want to try some nice, fresh, delicious mexican carnitas michoacan style this is the place.

Frontera Chiapas-Oaxaca

check point still there, only stopping cars going to oaxaca, seems like a returning point for illegal migrants and tourists with expired visas. 😕

Police Checkpoint

police is there but they arent stoping anyone, seems more like a point to stop migrants

colectivo to chiapa de corzo

here you can take one colectivo to go to the cañón del sumidero, cheap and quick

blockage by locals

some locals demanding 50 pesos to cross the road, they give you a paper with which you can avoid other charges later

Road betwenn tuxla /comitan

nothing here today tuesday at 11 a.m.
maybe cause there are some police men along this road

Grutas de Rancho Nuevo

This place is in the wrong location, but I'm not sure where it is!


right next to the church there's this little shack, was the only place we could find open to have breakfast.
had some eggs with chorizo, very tasty and café de Olla.

plaza chapultenango

there free wifi in the plaza of this tiny town.
we slept in our van parking here as we arrive at night and couldnt go further.
strangely we were asked to show our vaccine proof, which we don't have so we just said we weren't travelling with it.


normally I wouldn't recommend a mechanic in Mexico, but Mr. Lujan is so trustworthy and professional he will fix your problem 100 percent or at least be honest to you if he can't.

the best mechanic I've found in mexico

Hotel maya bell

not tent camping allowed
350 p/p
pool, restaurant

Maya Bell Campground

if you wanna pay 700 to camp...
not worth it

Military Checkpoint

passed here in a Friday midday, we're stopped quickly and asked to open the door.
our dog growled at them and they asked us what were we transporting, just our stuff we said.
asked us if we had anything illegal, said no of course, where we came from and where we are going.
let us go, he didn't stopped anyone else tho

Salto grande

came here Friday at 6 pm, wanted to camp in pur van and the guy asked us for 250 pesos
we didn't stay
he wasn't friendly either
and pets are not allowed so no.

Cayuco Maya

after 3 months camping we rented a chalet here vía booking with my fiance with private bathroom.
we were able to park our van very close the water, there are so many mosquitos so bring repellent.
dog are allowed which is nice too.

the room wasn't very clean tho, the bed was OK with clean sheets but the floor hasn't been sweep or moped.
breakfast included for us :D haven't tried it tho

taqueria chilo

tacos, burritos, gringas, tortas de pastor y chuleta
open on sunday 8 pm
chuleta was better than pastor I reckon

SLIM's bar and grill

got 2 delicious meals and 2 cold beers for 30 bz. nice place to break the trip the owners are very friendly as everyone in Belize
maybe you can ask them to camp too as they've got a big nice garden

Kombi Jorge

Jorge was an angel with my kombi, I was staying in Bacalar and got scammed pretty bad, I'd say.
after finding his number I called him and he went all the way there with his own beautiful kombi.
he is super professional, trustworthy and honest, do not hesitate to contact him (I don't know if he does every car tho)

Mayflower Bocawina NP

big drop waterfall
stick to the left
can't miss it

peers place

nice place to grab real coffee in a sunday morning of covid times.
very nice ambience
good wifi
next to the beach
may ask them to camp overnight

police checkpoint

nothing here on a Saturday 8 24 am
and I have to add more characters

Corozal blues restaurant &resort

beautiful restaurant next to the beach with super beautiful luscious garden and wifi

Ecohostel Guarumbo

this is a small hostel with only 2 rooms (8 beds only) atm it's 200 per person and maybe they also let you pitch a tent or rent one.
the managed in charge is nice and super helpful.
they sell breakfast and the kombucha is amazing

Ecohostel Guarumbo

it's a very chill place, not a party hostel ;) but there are not private rooms

at the end of the street

we wanted to camp in the beach but the sea weed makes the area smell really bad, so we came back to this little cenote and parked at the end of the street with the caseta de policía (empty).

there was so many mosquitoes and we don't have a mosquito screen so we pitch our tent in the little garden with bench, no one bothered us.

just a bit of noise from the highway, get earplugs

Pizzas Leo

good breakfast,cheap and good quality-size they only have a few ozono for breakfast but the enchiladas suizas are nice, con pollo y queso, big milkshakes and nice coffee

punto de revision

only stopping some cars going into playacar but not many, waiving almost everyone through.


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