Date Place Comment
June 30th, 2019 Green House Hostel

Sleeping inside the Car in the Courtyard was 6 USD pppn, parking inside and sleeping in the Dorm 7 USD pppn. Dorm was okay but had terrible mattresses (ask for additional blankets) and had only had 1 Toilet/Shower for 8 People. Friendly and helpful Staff spoke English. You can order Food from a Menu at the Reception and they will call a delivery Service for you (Asian Noodles were good, Pizza mediocre). Met a lot of Overlanders here (Car, Moto, Bike). WiFi is fast now :-)

June 30th, 2019 Car insurance

Probably not worth the Paper it’s written on... But we felt better having it. Payed 190 TJS for a Toyota Land Cruiser. Closes 12 o’clock on Saturday.

June 30th, 2019 ATM

The ATM is located behind the Reception of the Sheraton Hilton. Worked both with Visa and Maestro, you can still choose between USD and TJS.

June 28th, 2019 Diesel

Got Diesel here on 28. June 2019. Price was 5.800 Sum/Liter. Friendly Lady ‚Martina‘ spoke English.

June 28th, 2019 Diesel+95

We also didn’t get Diesel on the 28. June 2019.

June 27th, 2019 Magistr café

Nice Student Café with cool AC but you can only sit inside (and that’s okay when it’s hot outside). Pizza was mediocre.

June 26th, 2019 Bahodir Bed and Breakfast

Nice ‚South East Asian Backpacker Flair‘ but Rooms are run down and AC didn‘t work. Paid 24 USD for a Double Room incl. Bathroom through Also met a few other Overlander here and had a good time. Location is as close as it can get to the main Tourist Sites. Everything else as stated.

February 2nd, 2018 Hotel Horseed

Probably one of the cheapest Options in Town but not at all worth the 44 USD (Double Room for two People and Car Parking). The whole Place is a bit run down, also a bit smelly and dirty. We got a small Room in the back of the Building. Shared, dirty Ablutions. Lots of Stray Cats around. Hotel Restaurant didn’t have anything to offer apart from a Coke. The Car Parking is outside the Gate directly at the Street! But they assured us it will be safe and secure and nothing happened. The only positive Thing we got to say is: the WiFi is free and fast. Only stayed for one Night.

February 2nd, 2018 Khor Ambado Beach

The closest Beach to Djbouti City. It’s only around 20 km from the City Center. The last 7 km are on a Dirt Track. The Entry Point is not too easy to find as they built a new Port and a Chinese Military Base where Mapsme wants to navigate you. So maybe ask around in the Beginning. Once you’re on the Track it’s relatively easy, only the last Kilometer is rough and rocky, no Chance without 4x4 and high Clearance!
Camping directly on the sandy Beach. There are a few Huts and small Restaurants so we asked one of the Owners if we could stay. Negotiated 750 DJF (3,40 Euro) pppn. Very quite, nice Beach, nice Water and Swimming. The Beach only gets a bit crowded on Friday and Saturday (Djibouti’s Day Off) when some Families come over from the City. So on these two Days Camping Price doubles (1.500 DJF pppn). On the other Days we were alone with some Fishermen. Cellphone Coverage and Edge Mobile Data with Djbouti Telecom, so it’s a perfect and cheap Place to relax while you are waiting for your Car Shipping.

February 1st, 2018 Geant Supermarket

Huge and brand new Géant Hypermarché. Got every western Food you can think of as well as fresh Baguette, Meat, Fruits and Vegetables. Located in a brand new Mall. Secured Parking available.

February 1st, 2018 Sudanese Embassy

We didn’t got but met another Overlander at Wims Holland House who had Problems getting it without the Egypt Visa. And the Egypt Visa in Addis is for Residents only. So better do your Egypt Visa in Nairobi! In the End he got a Letter from his own Embassy that explained his Situation so he finally got the Sudan Transit Visa but it sounded like a lot of Hassle.

January 31st, 2018 Ethiopia Border Post

Easy Border, no Fees (German Passports and Car with Carnet de Passage).

Leaving Ethiopia:
1) Stop at the Customs Office (these Coordinates). Car was inspected briefly. They stamped out the Carnet and kept our TIP.
2) Continued to Immigration (at 11.740347, 41.840542). Passports got stamped out.

Done in 20 Minutes.

By the way: the fastest and best Way to/from Addis is: Border-Melle-Awash-Adama-Addis (Melle is called Miele on Mapsme). It’s all Asphalt and can be done in two Days. There are basic Overnight Options in Melle. We drove from Addis to Djibouti and didn’t have to much Truck Traffic (they all came down from Djbouti). There are several Fuel Stations along that Route, the first/last is around 50-100 km away from the Djibouti Border.

January 31st, 2018 Bad Road

Just after entering Djibouti from the Ethiopian Border the Road gets a Mess. This is what Asphalt must look like after an Airstrike... There are only some short Parts of Tar left, massive Potholes, dusty Dirt Tracks with Currogation in between. The first 50 km after the Border are the worst. But after that there are another 50 km of Potholes and Tar partially missing. After 100 km in Dikhil it finally gets better.

January 31st, 2018 Djbouti Border Post

Easy Border, no Fees (German Passports and Car with Carnet de Passage).

Entering Djibouti:
1) Stop at the Entrance Building (these Coordinates). Police registered us in their Book and also stamped in our Passports. We got our Visa in Addis Ababa and it seemed that it would not be available on arrival (but we didn’t ask!).
2) Continued to Customs a few Meters down the Road. They stamped in the Carnet.

Done in 15 Minutes.

January 30th, 2018 Wim's Holland House

The Compound is located directly in the City Center. There are two Areas divided by a Gravel Road. On the one Side there is the main Area with Bar, Restaurant and some Rooms. On the other Side of the Road there is a Garden with Green Grass (the Place to Camp in your Car or pitch a Tent), a Pit for Car Maintenance and also some small Rooms. The two Areas are facing another you just walk the 5m across the Road. We took the biggest Room available for 350 Birr per Night including private Bathroom (other Rooms and Camping share the Ablutions). The Room was good. Water Problem seems solved, we always had running Water everywhere. But only the Shared Showers were warm. The Restaurant and Bar are awesome. We ate there several Times and it was always very good (very good Sausage with Potatoe Salad, good Steak with Potatoes, good Pizza, good Pasta...). In they Evenings we were hanging around at the Bar with other Travelers and enjoyed the cold Draught Beer. Free WiFi (average Speed). We met a lot of other Overlanders here who camped in their Cars or slept in their Tents in the Garden. Owner Rahel was very friendly and helpful, she can also change Money. We liked this Place very much and stayed several days. Quite, relaxed Overlander Atmosphere.

January 29th, 2018 Bambis Supermarket

Mid sized Supermarket and apparently one of the better Options in the City. Secured Parking behind the Building.

January 29th, 2018 Djbouti Embassy

We were told there is no Djbouti Visa on Arrival coming from Ethiopia. Only heard Rumors about getting it when crossing in from Somaliland. So we went there in the Morning to apply for the Visa. A one Month Single Entry Visa costs 90 USD, three Month costs 120 USD. Had to bring two Passport Photos, a Hotel Booking, a Passport Copy and a Copy of the Cover Page from our Carnet de Passage (all of these Copies are needed for every single application). If you’re not traveling by Car you have to bring a Copy of your Flight Ticket for onward travel we were told. Filled out the Application Form, handed over Copies and payed the Fees. They told us to pick up the Visa on the same Day at 3 pm. But then the Ambassador was out and couldn’t sign the Visa. So we had to pick it up on the next Morning. Easy and friendly.

January 27th, 2018 Zion Train Lodge

Camping and Guesthouse, a bit difficult to find. The Garden itself was okay. Run by French Rastas as stated below. We took a basic Room for 350 Birr per Night. Shared Ablutions, not very clean, cold Bucket Shower only. Food was okay, no WiFi. Lots of young People hanging around and smoking Weed.

January 26th, 2018 Bekela Mola Hotel

Not what we expected from the other Comments. Some Rooms stretched out on a huge, dry Compound with some Bushes. Camping somewhere near to the Restaurant with limited Shadow. Ablutions very rund down. Only one (cold) Shower available in the Female Ablution Block (none in the Male). Restaurant itself was okay, WiFi worked, Views are nice. 200 Birr per Car per Night (2 People).

January 25th, 2018 Mago National Park Entrance Gate (Mursi Villages)

The Entrance Gate of Mago National Park (when coming from Jinka). Most People go here to Visit the Mursi Tribes and their Villages. We drove here without any pre booked Guide or Tour (very uncommon in this Area...). At the Gate we paid 270 Birr pp Park Entrance Fee plus 54 Birr Car Fee. We then drove into the Park. After around 30 Kilometers (at 5.779362, 36.29732) you pass a Ranger Post where you usually have to pick up a mandatory armed Ranger for 164 Birr. However, we didn’t have a free Seat so we paid him and he staid at his Checkpoint. After some 25 Kilometers more you reach the first Mursi Villages. We stopped at one of the Villages where we already saw some other Tourist Cars parked. We immediately had to take one of the Guides (who came with another Group) because it’s not allowed to visit without Guide. We agreed on 400 Birr after some Negotiations. The Mursi looked like in the Movies and we could walk around freely (as free as it was possible between all the begging and other Tourists). But the whole Scene felt totally staged and more and more Tourist Groups arrived. The Mursi do not speak any English and constantly asked for Photos, sometimes also aggressive. They charge 5-10 Birr per Photo what is okay in our Opinion. But nobody smiled on our Photos and they always pushed another Person into the Picture to charge more. After some Minutes we left very disappointed. The Village Chief asked for another 200 Birr pp Village Entrance Fee. As we know that this Money goes to his own Pocket we said our ‚Guide‘ already paid and left without paying. You should only visit the Mursi in the early Morning (we left Jinka at 6 am) because later in the Day they often get drunk and aggressive. The Girls are not allowed to go to School because they have to pose for the Photos (and after collecting the Money give it to the Men who buy Alcohol with it). We all read about all these Controversies in Advance but decided to visit anyway. But it was disappointing and sad.

January 24th, 2018 Nardos Pension

Small and basic Hotel in the Middle of Town. Rooms also basic but clean and okay. Free but slow WiFi. Took a Room with Bathroom (cold Shower), 350 Birr after Negotiations. The Restaurant had nice Injeras but the Garden was a bit dirty. Good Place.

January 23rd, 2018 Hamer Tribe Market

Nice Market. Market Days are Monday (big market) and Thursday (smaller market). Locals from the Hamer Tribe come here to trade Goods and get drunk ;) Lots of Package Tourists around when we were there but it still was okay. You should take one of the many Guides to avoid Hassle when walking around. Guides are available at the Market or one of the Hotels/Campsites. Our Guide wanted 150 Birr but we negotiated 100 Birr pp. Walked around for 1 Hour with him. Additionally 5 Birr per Photo.

January 22nd, 2018 Kizo Lodge

Nice Lodge in Turmi Town. Camping on the sandy Car Park between some Trees. Free 24/7 Electricity (without Generator), free but slow WiFi. Used Water Tap from Restaurant and got a Bucket Shower. When one of the Rooms was free they also opened that one so we could use the Ablutions. Restaurant offered decent Food and cold Drinks. Friendly Owner Lalle. Wanted 10 USD pppn but we negotiated 5 USD pppn.

January 21st, 2018 National Hotel

Completely run down Hotel in the Middle of the small Town. Camping on the very dusty and dirty Car Park in front of the so called Rooms. Cold Shower from huge old Water Tank, very dirty Pit Toilet, no Water Taps. Noisy Generator for Electricity in the Evening. A lot of Noise from nearby Bars until Midnight. Tons of Beggars and other weird People walking in and out. Owners didn’t care about us at all. Wanted 150 Birr but we negotiated 100 Birr pppn. We only stayed because we were coming from Lake Turkana and had to do the Immigration in Omorate when it was already late. Don’t stay here. There are several better Options in Turmi (~70 km away).

January 21st, 2018 Customs and immigration

Stamped in our Passports and Carnet within 20 Minutes. They also issued another Paper for the Car that looks like a TIP. No Fees. They close at 7.30 pm.

January 19th, 2018 Bush camp

Beautiful Place but lots of People and Huts when we were there. We continued for around 4 km (northwards) and then pulled over to the Beach. Nobody bothered us there.

January 17th, 2018 Kentrout

Nice and quite Restaurant and Farm Area with Camping on the Green Grass. Public Toilets and Taps but they also opened the private ‚Staff Bathroom‘ including a warm Shower for us. Friendly Staff. Free Electricity available. Also negotiated 500 KSh pppn.

January 16th, 2018 Nyayo House

Security directed us to Window 4 where the Lady said it’s not possible to stamp out here and we shall drive to Lake Turkana... But after insisting on it at Window 6 they finally stamped them out.

January 16th, 2018 Times Tower

We travel Kenya by Temporary Import Paper and asked them if we also should stamp that one out. They didn’t find our Car in the System anymore ... so we just left doing nothing.

January 16th, 2018 Jungle Junction

Everything as stated below. Huge Garden with green Grass for Camping (between long term parked Cars). Laundry with real Washing Machine for 800 KSh per Machine. Liked the Place because it was relatively green and quite and we met a lot of other Overlanders there. Located on the Outskirts of Nairobi. Still 800 KSh pppn.


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