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Date Place Comment
Restaurant Solymar

Long narrow parking lot. One electrical plug-in charged $5 a night plus .50 cents for showers. We are there till 11 and they were trying to charge for an extra night. Everyone seems to be trying to rip you off since you are a tourist. Plus their food prices are a little high for what you get.

Playa Tangolunda

Stayed one night got in late left early no one was there to pay. Bathrooms available and clean. Stopped by another day paid 50 pesos to empty tanks.

Bahia la Entrega - ?, FREE

Parked here during the day, pretty busy during weekends lots of busses. Half dozen parking lots scattered around you can choose from. Bathrooms and showers near beach, showers are outside with little privacy.

Santa Cruz

Attached a couple days, have bathrooms and shower during the day no electricity, they have what near shops that you can fill up with. Shops have a security guard during the night. Area around its very nice and felt very safe here. If you go close to the beach there is a guy named Michelangelo, he wears a black leather hat, curly hair and plays the guitar and very friendly he's there most of the time. He is able to help you find whatever you need.

Playa Tangolunda

Pretty empty when we got here. We could hear some music from the hotels, and some mosquitoes. Very pretty and grassy surrounded by trees. Decent bathrooms.

Cabañas La Habana

It was a great place to stay. Put out hammocks and was able to relax and just enjoy the view. 150 pesos for 4 people with electricity. Everyone was very nice and friendly and had vendors walk by selling food, drinks, hammocks and more...

Trailer Park Teotihuacan

Great place they have a couple dogs but are very sweet and welcoming. We have two dogs of our own and they get along great. Owner is very nice and willing to help out if needed. Very clean wild definitely recommend.


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