diosyanselmo Check-Ins

Date Place Comment
Frontbeach parking lot Necochea

Sign says clearly camping is not allowed :(


It is actually a normal laundry, not only sheets. We brought a full basket including sheets and sleeping bag at 1pm and it was ready at 6pm the same day. 500 pesos

Icalma pehuenche restaurant

Very good place to eat something before crossing the border. We had a very big plate with puré de piñón, fries and meat (2 adults and 2 not too hungry children ate out of it) for 7500 pesos chilenos. They don't have plates to take away but you can bring yours. Recommended!

La Ruca

Great home-made-beer and really nice atmosphere. Interesting modern menu with local fish, pizza, wraps, sandwiches and tasty pasta (we had sorrentinos and tallarines for 350ARS each). Very recommendable!

Gas bottle refill

Really nice and helpful people. They charge 120 ARS per kg, so we paid 360 for our 3kg bottle. The other store near the city center wanted 550ARS!!

Gas Refill (Fill Bottles)

Really expensive! They wanted 550ARS to refill our 3kg bottle. The other shop just outside the city direction Junín de los Andes charged us 360ARS!

Gob. Gregores Municipal Camping

If nobody is there call Vilma, she is much more friendly and helpful then the others! The actual price for motorhome is 700ars,no matter how many people. You don't have to pay extra for the people! The shower is very hot and long, even if there's not so much water pressure, it is very nice! There's also heating in the bathroom. Much better than the shower at ypf! Potable water, nice grass for kids to play and as I said, Vilma is so lovely! Recommended!

Road Sign: Do Not pass through by rain

We did it on a sunny day and it was really ok! The best gravel road we had until now. Only problematic by rain

Maffía Trattoria & Abrica de pastas

Really good Italian food!! Very full so make a reservation! Not too expensive for what it offers! Recommended!

museo de interpretación histórica El Calafate

Very very interesting museum where we could read and learn a lot about the history and geological evolution of Patagonia, the native cultures and the genocide of the Indios in the 19th century. It is really shocking and unique in its genre. Highly recommended! There are also dinosaurs skeletons and one interesting video, for kids it is also good! 400 ars pp + 200 ars for kids (4 years old up to 12).the museum is self financed so it's worth the money!

El Riojano

It seems not to exist anymore unfortunately...

YPF parking lot

The girl asked me 50ars for the shower. After I saw a shield in the shower which says it's for free. I asked them for explanation and they gave me the money back ahah

Gob. Gregores Municipal Camping

Actual price 700 ars motorhome + 130 ars pp... Didn't stay

Rest. Viva El Viento

Nice attention, new wifipass soloporhoy ;)

Darismat Lavadero de ropa

It's extremely expensive compared to all the others we used! Not recommended!!

Terra Santa

Now called Luana rest, not terra santa anymore. The pastas were very good and the girl friendly! We were alone there, very relaxed place. With wifi! Recommended

Bosque Petrificado

So beautiful and interesting!!! Highly recommended, it's worth a deviation


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