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Refugio Lima

Heraldo and his family are truly incredible! We spent more than 3 weeks here during the infamous Covid19 quarantines. Peru locked down their roads, borders, etc and had some of the strictest responses to covid19. Heraldo went out of his way to help us and the other overlanders by going to the supermarkets, atms, and wherever else we needed. He truly cares and is a genuinely nice guy.

He bakes delicious bread and is a great chef! Their is a pool as well as a common space to chill. The prices are excellent!

Our van is currently parked at his lot as we wait until the quarantines are over. Heraldo even helps with the paperwork to suspend the import permits.

Thanks again Heraldo and Sara! :)
Asia & Vinny

don't do an oil change at Lubicentro Troyita

Damn i wish i read this review prior. They are total douchbags. Totally tried ripping me off by charging 85 soles for a damn filter. I had to walk down the street a half mile to find the same filter for 25 soles. Dont come here

Aduana Peru


also, verrrryyy slow moving. This guy was anal and a perfectionist. Made 17 copies and threw them away because they werent perfect. Spent a good 2 hours getting through

Macara, Ecuador to Suyo, Peru

Slow paced at around 11 (siesta). The computer system broke down a few times.

Hosteria Candamo

$5 per night. One small rig with 2 people. Ice Cold showers, strong enough wifi to upload 175 b-roll footage to google drive. nice place.


No american gas valve, sent us to catamayo where they filled us up $2.50 per gallon

Parque Carigan FREE Camping

Super sweet spot! Horses all around a beautiful lake as you fall asleep to the sound of bull frogs! The security guards came to us as we were shutting down for the night to let us know that they are there and if we need anything. Super friendly! No toilet paper...

Parque paraiso

Cool spot; weird security guard. He said it would he “safer” to park on the other side near the 24 hour guards at the local medical building. But as I walked there, the guards literally said “we only watch inside this lot” ... so if he tells you to go elsewhere, just stay put. This lot here is great and safe

Parking by The River

We stayed a night here. The limit is 30 minutes between 06:00 and 19:00. Plan accordingly. Also, the road is a bit tough to spot. You’ll need to drive over what appears to be a pedestrian bridge but is actually for cars. Look for the one way signs

campo de futbol

On the other side of the one lane bridge is a paid parking spot. $1 for the night. Backed up in close to the sounds of the river. Felt safe.

Side note: if you enter pailon through the new entrance, theyll let you use the showers for free

El Caspi - Main entrance to P.N. Cotopaxi

Got here at 5:15 and parked outside the gate. Cool people. Got our only view of the Volcan that evening and the next few days he stayed behind clouds. Womans bathroom open all night.

Museo de Sitio Inti-Ñan (Mitad del Mundo REAL)

Nice museum and tour! Super cheesy equatorial experiences which is everything we wanted! Also, stayed the night in the lower parking lot for $0.50. Super chill night

Lagunas de Mojanda

Perfect spot! Rainy season had a few good puddles to get through, but the bottom is stone and you will be just fine! Spent a spooky evening in the thick of fog! Our first silent night in a long time

Cemetery Tulcan

Yup definitely weird AF. Worth a few minutes to understand what we are saying ...

Trampolina del Muerte

Wasnt anticipating a road of this caliber. Normally, i try to avoid rough gravel roads with my home on wheels. However, i was unprepared on my research. BUT, i must say. The views were stunning. The road was a bumpy 4 hours in a 1987 van. We crossed numerous rivers (1st one is still the worst) while the remaining ones had a layer of concrete to make the crossing easy. A few standoffs with large trucks had us in reverse through some of those same rivers.

Sports complex

No wifi, simple spots, stranngeeee vibes jn the town though ... maybe it was the rainbow gathering happening

Autocentro Ltda. Neiva

I tried to have them look at an issue but they sent me elsewhere. Seemed uninterested to do work on older vehicles that have an ODB1 reader. Also, at a glance the place looked more like a bodyshop than a mechanic ...

Street for autoparts

Youll find almost everything you need on carerra 12 and calle 24. All the repuestos shops are here


Excellent comida corriente! 8k cop for the works! Soup, juice, and the full meal. Delicious !


Seriously, dont go here. Youll regret it

Dogs Park

Such a quiet spot for a large city!!! Dabs to whoever spotted this gem! The only downside is location. You’ll need to drive places or take public transit if you want to go anywhere.

Uber isnt around but DiDi works great for taxi service.

el rancho

Good food not expensive but NOT CHEAP either. Seems to be the spot that families go after church ... a plate of fish with fries, yuca, and salad costs 27,000 COP , pollo asado 15,000 COP

Parismina River

Dude this place is AWESOME! Spent the night here beautifully tucked in off the road and right on the river. A few cars go by on the road. About 15 Cops came around 10pm to see what was up. They said it was cool to camp just lock the doors and be careful!

It was free, not sure what that $5 comment is about. The gps pin is spot on, there is enough space for 2 rigs (15-25 feet) and a separate side for camping with tents. Highly recommend it!

Parque Nacional Barra Honda Camping

Sweeet spot! Super cheap for showers and a toilet, but the value comes with all the wildlife! We slept with a family of howler monkeys in the tree overhead after watching them up close for 2 hours.

Lago de Masaya

A few nice spots off this road, tucked behind cover, no garbage from what we saw, but a metric F*%# TON of mosquitoes! I would NOT recommend this place for the sole reason that a park ranger approached us in the morning and said that it was not safe and unadvisable to stay here due to vandalism and thefts off this road. He advised staying at the entrance to the park where there are bathrooms and security. From what I understood of the Nicaraguan Spanish, i felt as if he gave us a warning not to come here again...

Don D’erick pizza y buffets

Great spot! Damn good food, all you can eat, we had shrimp, fish, chicken, with salads and rice. Really well prepared! 140 cordobas per person, come with drinks and chill music

Marylins creoles kitchen

Great small place with home cookin! Nice people, good prices, delicious food! 8 belize dollars for a large plate, 5 belize dollars for a small one. they have home made pies and cinnamon rolls as well :)

Behind “the wall”

Good spot a few vehicles, across from that soccer field mentioned. I didnt feel comfortable pulling up onto a soccer pitch so this was a nice alternative. Felt safe, minimal noise, and flat for 1 night of sleep. Recommend it if you left the ruins 5pm outing or want to see them in the AM

Parking Lot?

Closed! With a chain link blocking the entrance :/

Cenote Centro Ecoturístico Miguel Colorado

Chill spot with a funny security guard. He didnt really know what to do.. we asked if we could park for the night & he said no ... after a bit of confusion and flustering about he said ok, for 50 pesos! We laughed and shared a coffee then went about calling it a night. Nice place thats safe with beautiful stars!! I feel like this place will be shut down soon because of the sketchyness of the situation! So make it less sketchy and visit the Cenote in the morning :)


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